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    So each week we bet “play” money on a few games. For our rules please see our first Pong A Long Picks Post.

    We wanted to really make a splash in Week One and bet $75 over three games. Yeah, that’s right .. high stakes baby. our Selections:

    Game 1:

    Herm Edwards Being Herm Edwards

    Kansas City Chiefs +3 (-105) vs. Houston Texans -3

    Risk $30.00 to win $28.57

    We watched the Chiefs HBO special and were pretty impressed. Not really with the Chiefs per say, but really with the quality of programming that HBO continues to pump out. Houston has a new QB, an old RB, and an average defense, so we will take those Chiefs as they are getting the points.


    Game 2:
    Travis Henry and 1/2 His Kids

    Denver Broncos -3 (-120) vs. Buffalo Bills +3

    Risk $25.00 to win $20.83

    We hate to go against the hometown team here, but ever since finding out that Travis Henry has 9 children with 9 different women, we have to think that he is going to do his all to earn each of those paychecks. The Bills D has looked terrible this pre-season, look for Walker and Marshall to abuse the secondary.

    Game 3:

    McCown at Prom - How Cute

    Detroit Lions +2½ vs. Oakland Raiders -2½

    Risk $20.00 to win $18.18

    Josh McNown is leading the worst team in the NFL last year against the Lions’ potentially powerful offense. We wouldn’t have bet this one if Culpepper was in there, but it should be a gimme getting the points going against Suck McNown.

    Andddd we’re off to another Pong A Long Picks Season! Wish us luck!



    * Overall “Play” Money Placed: $75.00 to win $67.58

    * Remaining Money in the Back: $175.00

    * Overall Win/Loss: N/A

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    NFL Picks have Begun!

    Welcome once again to another dismal season of Pong A Long predicting the outcome of games. Last year we picked the Monday Night game each week and came out with a winning 9-8 record. Seeing how unbelievably successful we were, we decided to kick it up a notch this season.

    Lets Make Some (Play) Money Baby!

    This year, we will bet “play” money each week and hopefully be millionaires by the season end (or at least marginally ahead). We will start with $250 and pick up to three games each week so you can regularly tune in to watch our unbelievable success. We get all of our lines from Bodog, and will update you by at least Saturday each week!
    So tune in each week to see how we bet, and how we do!

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    Game Party from Midway
    The Nintendo Wii has been one of the most popular party games since its launch in November of 2006. Wii parties have popped up in nursing homes to rehabilitation facilities, to college dorm rooms. Now the Wii is taking Game Party to a whole new level.

    IGN entertainment has revealed that they will be releasing what is tentatively named Party Game. This game will include table hockey, hoop shoot, trivia, ski ball, darts and a game called ping pong. This game of ping pong enables the gamer to use the Wiimote to toss a ball into a pyramid of cups. Sound quite like beer pong to us.

    Hoop Shot Game Party
    Midway also released one screen shot, that further confirms the fact that this ping pong is your typical game of Beer Pong or Beirut as seen below:

    Wii Beer Pong - Screen Shot
    We see three real benefits of this game.
    1) No clean up besides a few beer cans!
    2) The game can be played in a much more casual, non-binge drinking fashion
    3) You can play beer pong without drinking basement floor bacteria.

    The one question that remains unanswered is how can you psyche out the other team?

    Beer Pong Psyche Out
    Game Party from IGN releases this November. Still plenty of time to work on your Beer Pong Wii Form. Or if you want to play in real life go pick up one of our beer pong tables instead.

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    Friday again? Let's get right to it shall we?


    Can't display file

    Nothing wrong with forgetting which lever is your front brake and which one’s the clutch. That dude started one painful chain of events.


    Can't display file

    This dude MAY need a neck brace after this one. Just maybe. He also should think about professional somersaulting as his neck career choice. As long as he isn’t confined to a wheelchair.


    Can't display file

    Ummmm….this ones bad. Both footage wise and what happens. It’s sorta hard to see but he’s basically coming off the straightaway and doesn’t stop. And hits a wall.


    Can't display file

    This is number 2 because of the Hollywood like qualities of the crash. Notice the smoke when his back hits the pavement. Notice the strategically placed foam cooler he crashes through. Someone should’ve painted that thing to look like metal…or stone.


    Can't display file

    Holy CRAP! How does this guy ride his motorcycle with a horseshoe jammed up his ass? I’m not saying he’s the luckiest guy on earth. But he’s definitely in the top 10 I’d say. That’s ridiculous. I wonder if racing leathers can be washed in a washer. Because it’s gonna take a couple cycles on whitest whites to get the shit stains out of that thing.

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    We wish no tributes, songs or reminisces of valor. The message was simple "Make the last cup" he said. Just but one wish. Make the last cup. Should any soul play on this beer pong table again, they shall know that greatness once shined in but one glorious toss. People will speak of this night, this game, this shot for centuries to come. This shot did not carry one man or one team, but the dreams and wishes of all fellow beerpongians.

    Long has the mythical talk of victory surrounded this game; Beer Pong, the Game of the Gods. The word of this victory shall spread. Our cups outnumbered theirs two fold but we slayed many for this one shot, this one shot for victory!

    Now here on this table we call "Pong A Long", we must let the enemy face obliteration!

    THIS IS BEER PONG!!! The T-shirt.

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    PAL Army

    So we’ve been getting swamped over here with e-mails for the PAL Army and it’s awesome. But we realized something, you guys have no clue what the prizes are or how the system works or anything like that. So we’re going to explain it. Basically if you are chosen to become part of the Pong A Long Army we’ll give you your very own promotional code that works only at Pong A Long.com that will save customers $5.00 off any portable beer pong table purchase. Each time someone uses your promotional code at Pong A Long.com you will earn a point. What are points for you say? Well I’m glad you asked, otherwise the list below would’ve been a huge waste of time.

    5pts: 2 Pong A Long t-shirts

    10pts: 7ft Beer Pong Table

    25pts: Ipod Shuffle

    30pts: 8ft Beer Pong Table

    40pts: Playstation2

    50pts: Ipod Nano

    65pts: Nintendo Wii

    75pts: Xbox 360

    Fill Out An Application Here
    *Owning a Pong A Long Beer Pong Table earns you an automatic 2pts. But you gotta prove it. We ain’t chumps.*

    Pretty bad ass eh? We think so. Hell if I wasn’t employed by this fine company I’d be all over it like a fat kid on a cupcake. Anyways, we’ve also taken the time to answer some frequently asked questions below. Well actually since this is brand new they’ve never been asked, let alone frequently. But you get the point.


    Q. Will this make me cool?

    A. Simply, Yes!

    Q. How can I keep track of my points?

    A. Good question. You don’t have to keep track because we’ll personally send you an e-mail report card with your point tally each month to keep you up to date on your point count / standings in the Army.

    Q. When can we cash in our points for the prizes?

    A. Whenever you feel like it. Let us know and we’ll count up your points and send your prizes out the next day. (Excluding weekends)

    *Note: Once you “cash-in” your Pong A Long coupon code points you will be set back to zero. For example: If I have 28 points and choose to cash them in I will get my Ipod shuffle ,or 2 7' tables + 1 shirt, or 10 shirts. The remaining points don’t carry over. So no matter how many points you have, once you cash them in you’ll get your prize(s) and then your account will reset back to zero, nadda, zilch!

    Q. How big is the army?

    A. No larger than 20 people are in the PAL Army at one time.

    Q. Can I lose my position in the army?

    A. The bottom 5 point earners at the end of each semester will be dropped out of the army. We can’t have any weaklings amongst our ranks.

    So there you have it. Free stuff from you just getting blasted drunk and telling your buddies to buy a table and stop mooching off yours. Not a bad gig if you ask us. Which you didn't otherwise it would've been in the FAQ. ZING!

    Fill Out An Application Here

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    So it’s that time of year again. Everyone’s heading back to school for another year of trying to prove to themselves and their parents that all the money they’re paying isn’t getting flushed down the tubes. We at pongalong.com applaud the booze soaked wool you’re pulling over everyone’s eyes and offer you a chance to really step up to the plate.

    That’s where the PAL ARMY (PAL = Pong A Long. We are so clever.) comes in. In a nutshell, the PAL ARMY is a pyramid scheme. Except nothing like a pyramid scheme whatsoever. Here’s how it works. We want 20 people to help us spread our good name across the land. Those 20 get a coupon code that they use whenever they or someone they tell about Pong-a-Long purchases a table or merch from us. The more times your coupon code shows up in our highly sophisticated database, the more points you get. Points = cool stuff. Free t-shirts, tables, hell even Ipods and more if you really kick ass.

    At the end of the month we tally the points, hand out the free crap, and weed out the losers who couldn’t hack it. That’s right; the bottom 5 people on the scoreboard get the boot like that skank you picked up at the bowling alley last night. We’ll obviously replace those 5 with some fresh meat to continue our crusade of beer fueled fun and games. So, if you think you can handle the daunting task of partying your face off and turning people on to the hottest thing since snap bracelets, fill out THIS APPLICATION to get your request in immediately. Remember, we only want 20 people so you need to do this sooner than later, unlike making that phone call to the random you had a week ago to discuss remedies for the clap.

    You can read up on the full details here. 

    Go To Application

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    There comes a day in everyone’s life when they need to bow down to the majesty and mystery that is “The Hoff.” Guess what? Today is that day.

    #5 There's a theme you might notice in these videos. I’m not gonna spoil it though.

    Can't display file

    #4 Are we starting to see some similarities?

    Can't display file

    #3 ……

    Can't display file

    #2 How to make a David Hasselhoff video:

    1. Get the B squad from the local strip club
    2. “Borrow” the night rider car
    3. Pop your fake leather tuxedo jacket collar
    4. Grow a mullet that’s permed
    5. Rent a video toaster circa ’90 from the high school
    6. Bake on 450 for 5 mins and Voila! Magical.

    Can't display file

    You knew that was coming. God he rocks. I remember the last time I was blindingly drunk eating Wendy’s shirtless with my glistening thatch of chest hair on display for all to see. I remember because that’s been every Saturday night of my life since I was old enough to appreciate a crappy Trans Am with a stupid red rope light glued to the hood. My hat’s off to you Mr. Hasselhoff. Pursuit mode KITT!

    Can't display file

    Now buy beer pong tables Michael...

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    We had a slow month for user photos in June so we double bagged the submissions to include July as well. Before you go and get a case of the unfairsies, we've also doubled up the prize! The lucky devil who has won the combined months contest has scored themselves a SanDisk 512MB MP3 player!
    Sandisk 512 MP3 Player
    Add to that, the runner up has won themselves their choice of any of our killer beer pong t-shirts.
    June/July Winner

    June/July Runner Up

    If you're either of these handsome devils, get a hold of us by e-mailing contact@pongalong.com and prove it.

    Get your entries in this month for the August contest!

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    Condom makers, and safe sex supporters make some of the funniest commercials out there. This week we bring you the cream of the crop of condom commercials, no pun intended.

    5. Banned Commercial for Flavored Condoms
    Get it? Har Har.

    Can't display file 4. Funny Hidden Condom Commercial
    Have to hide a condom quick? Do what this guy does.

    Can't display file 3. My Mommy Said Yes!
    This little guy can do whatever he wants ... I wonder why?

    Can't display file 2. Why You Should Always Wear a Condom
    One of the most compelling condom commercials out there.

    Can't display file 1. The Ultimate Man Condom Commercial
    Some guys will do anything to no wear a condom, this guy however simply can't ... you wouldn't understand.

    Can't display file

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