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    This March, we were giving away a pretty sweet Creative Zen Vision Plus, and boy did we get some good user submitted photos! One picture stood out above the rest, and is in the running for picture of the year. We like to call this picture "Look How Sturdy Our Tables Are!", because obviously nobody will be looking at the Pong A Long that these two lovely ladies are perched on, you animals will just be checking them suck face.


    This could be the best product placement that we have ever seen! Thanks for the submission, you have one MP3 player headed your way!

    To see past winners please check here, and to view all user submitted photo please view this page.

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    We are back with a new YouTube Friday Five! This week we are highlighting the best videos showing referees getting knocked out. These referees probably didn't have it coming, but not only did they get hit, they got KO'ed royally. we do not condone these actions, but they sure are funny. Enjoy Pong A Long's top videos of referees getting punched in the face and then getting knocked out!

    5. Wrestling Referee Gets Cracked and Tossed Out of Ring

    This wrestling match features an ogre against a regular Joe. Something happens and the ogre roid rages all over the ref's existence and ends up taking him right out of the ring. The best part of the clip is that the average Joe tries to defend the ref and the referee tosses him out of the way, and then gets pile-driven out of the ring.

    4. Old School Boxing Ref Knockout

    Right after the blurry tape, you can see the ref try to stop the fight, then get punched directly in the face and get knocked out. He falls backwards so perfectly, that you just have to watch over and over.

    3. Boxing Combination Referee Knockout

    This clip achieved number three status in our countdown due to the shear rage that the fighter displayed. Usually when something like this happens it is a "one and done" punch. This fighter get so upset that he tosses a three punch combo on to the referee and knocks him out.

    2. Boxing Referee Knockout

    Guy in white is winning. Guy in red is losing. Ref thinks guy in red is beaten to badly to continue and decides to try and stop fight. Ref is wrong and guy in red punches him into the next dimension.

    1. Overseas Basketball Ref Knockout
    After a bad call the one gigantic basketball player takes offense and instead of talking it out, punches the ref so hard in the face that it might just shake your computer monitor. This punch banned the player from the league forever, but more importantly placed the player ontop of our best referee knockout clips segment.

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    Welcome to the March 12th edition of Pong A Links, a weekly digital dump of hot n steamy links and pics right onto your lap. On with the links!


    Governor Spitzer has been linked to a prosecution ring. Some Hookers allegedly cost $5,500 an hour. Let the funny Eliot Spitzer T shirts Begin!

    What if Celebrities Lived In Oklahoma?

    33 Awesome Beer Pong Tables (shameless plug)

    1 Cop vs. 25 Stoners .. put to Benny Hill Music

    99 Words For Boobs - Put to the tune of 99 Red Balloons.


    Walmart really stereotypes all college kids:
    Back To College Savings!

    Very helpful CD case instructions on how to make portable ...
    CD Case Features Image

    CD Case Features Close Up

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    Keeping on the whole violence track (last week was jumpkick knockouts) we bring you the best girl fights on YouTube. Each of these videos feature chick fights like you have ever seen. Many of them feature some girls that aren't the best looking catfight chicks, but they know how to throw down. The As usual, if you are squeamish to awesomeness then you may not want to watch these girlfighting videos.

    5) Double Catfight
    One girl fight breaks out between some emo chicks, then another fight breaks out right next to them. Then the emos realize that they are having too much fun and go back to sulking. Only on the list due to the shear coolness of two separate chick fights at once.

    4) 3 Round Girl Fight Punchfest
    These ladies are brawlers, and fight for three entire rounds. Not the prettiest fight out there, but hey .. it's three rounds of girlfights.

    3) Crazy Hair Pulling Chick Fight
    At one point in the fight Girl A grabs a huge chunk of hair and tries to rip Girl B's head off. Then Girl B grabs Girl A and they get in a serious hairlock of epic proportions.

    2) Kick Smashing Beatdown
    This isn't really a fight, more of a beatdown. Very hard to watch, but hey this shows the "never let up" attitude. The stupid girl getting beaten just won't stand up and run, and just sits there in a pile of kicks. Very disturbing!
    **Even though we found this on Youtube, they removed it, so please following MetaCafe vid**

    1) Busty Babe KO's Some Girl
    Someone call the UFC because this girl can be a ring girl and jump in the ring. Really horrid quality video, but the chesty chick smashes her opponent unconscious then stands up and still manages to look hot.

    Check back next week, for more YouTube Friday Five!

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    We are starting a new weekly segment that will bring the entertainment right to you! Welcome "Pong A Links" (Get it? Aren't we so clever?) which is a weekly digital dump of hot 'n steamy links and pics right onto your lap. On with the links!


    The Ultimate Nutshot
    (wish we could have had this video in our nutshot video montage ... MONTAAAGE)

    What Your Peeps Do At Night

    Hurry! Send Them Your Resume!

    Some Awesome Jumpkick Videos

    The Beginner's Guide To Drinking

    And You Thought YOU Liked MySpace


    Coolness = This Guy:
    Coolness - 4 Popped Collars

    This Guy Is About To Be In Big Trouble:
    We Are Idiots!

    And that's it for the first ever Pong A Links! Check back next week for your weekly dose of dumb.

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    User Submission Winner

    For all of 2008 and Pong a Long is continuing our User Submission Photo Contests! To enter all you have to do is submit your photo (preferably beer pong related or beer pong table related) cross your fingers, and check back at the beginning of the next month!

    Creative Zen V Plus

    Each month we are going to be offering a killer prize and we are starting January off with a bang! January's prize is a Creative Zen V Plus!  Not only does this gadget play music, but also video to quench all of your digital needs.

    To see past winners please check here, and to view all user submitted photo please view this page.

    Thanks and good luck from Pong A Long!

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    In February we had a lot of people competing to win our beer pong photo contest, but we could only choose one winner. However we will present you with a few of the losers that didn't quite make the cut (these were actual submissions):

    Loser Photo 1:
    The Walrus Lady Picture
    Loser Photo 2:
    Bunny Man and Car Picture

    Loser Photo 3:
    A Photo Entitled “Hyper Girls”

    While none of these photos were good enough to crown a champion, the winning photo was a badass shot of some Death Valley Beer Pong.

    Winning Beer Pong Photo:

    Death Valley Beer Pong

    If you are the winner, please send us an email and we will get you your free schwag! Thanks!

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    These video clips might not be for the faint of heart, but are totally for the connoisseurs of awesome. Flying kicks, spinning jumpkicks and nothing but knockouts. We hand picked these gems and have crowned them the Five Most Awesome Jumpkicks Ever. Buckle up and watch some feet fly.

    5. Little Kid Jumpkick Knockout
    These little kids are in a demonstration and one lands a strong kick to the face, sadly he never recovers. Watch for the guy in the blue belt to be in the UFC soon.

    4. Flying Back Kick KO
    When sparring one guy does a flying spinning kick to the face and drops him real hard.

    3. MMA Spinning Jumpkick Knockout

    A spinning jump kick to the face during an MMA competition puts a fighter to the mat. Very lucky kick, but one hell of a knockout.

    2. Young Kid Flying Jumpkick KO
    Fighter A goes for a Van Damme kick to the face, and Fighter B counters with a Chuck Norris jump kick to the jugular.
    1. Flying Competition Jump Kick Knockout
    The most insane jump kick ever caught on tape, or at least caught on YouTube. This fight literally lasts for under two seconds. There has never been a quicker or more awesome fight.

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    Happy President's Day!  If you have a day off of school/work, follow in the footsteps of our country's leaders:

    Clinton Boozing

    George W. Bush Drinking Beer

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    Pong A Long is proud to be the official beer pong table sponsor of the Atlantic City Beer Pong Tournament!

    Atlantic City Beer Pong Tournament

    This tournament is taking place on February 9th at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, NJ.  The grand prize is $1,500, and the entries are only $35 per player with complimentary beer!

    This event is being run by Thirsty Viking Entertainment and sounds like it should be a great time, so head over and check it out!

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