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    So each week we bet “play” money on a few games. For our rules please see our first Pong A Long Picks Post.

    Conference Championships were just another playoff weekend, and another winning week for Pong A Long. Seeing that we built our bank account up to $242.77 from the measly $48.60 that we had on Week 14, we decided that our picking is just too good, and are risking it all. We couldn't figure out whether the Pats will use SpyGate to beat the Giants badly, or even who was going to win, so we took some bets that we thought were fairly safe. The following are the Pong A Long Picks for Super Bowl XLII.

    Brandon Jacobs Dropping A Pass

    Brandon Jacobs - Total Pass Receptions

    Over 1½ receptions (-200)

    Risk US$ 175.00 to win US$ 87.50


    Odd Jerseys on the Pats

    Player to score the First Touchdown will have an

    Odd Number Jersey -325

    Risk US$ 47.77 to win US$ 14.70

    Tom Brady MVP?

    NFL Player Props Odds to win 2008 Super Bowl XLII - MVP

    Tom Brady (NE) 1/2

    Risk US$ 20.00 to win US$ 10.00

    Total risk US$ 242.77 to win US$ 112.20

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    The winner of the January User Submitted Beer Pong Photo Contest MP3 Player Giveaway is:

    January Beer Pong Winner

    This is a pretty serious picture from some serious beer pong players. From the looks of these pictures, some beer pongers fit a Pong A Long Portable Pro Beer Pong Table on a boat during some kind of water party. Nice Work! Shoot us an email with your contact info to claim your prize.

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    Pong A Long took our best selling Beer Pong T shirt designs and added some color to each.

    Viva La Beer Pong T Shirt Fatigue

    Our new hit beer pong t shirt "Viva La Beer Pong!" is now available in a greenish 'fatigue' color.  This is great for the Pong A Long Army, and those who loved the first Viva La Beer Pong Shirt.  This beer pong shirt is on sale for a limited time only, just $6.99!

    Beer Pong T Shirt Navy

    "BEER PONG Because Flip Cup is for Women" has been our best selling shirt to date.  It is simple, straight to the point, 100% correct, and now in Navy Blue!   This navy shirt is on sale for a limited time only, just $6.99!

    Please see our Beer Pong Shirts page for the rest of our Beer Pong Gear!

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    So each week we bet “play” money on a few games. For our rules please see our first Pong A Long Picks Post.

    We are on a serious playoff winning streak, and are stepping up our bets a bit this week seeing as only two game will be played. the Pats/Chargers game is just too close to call, so we bet heavy on the Giants/Packers game.

    New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers

    Our hope is for flurries/snow/ice and a low scoring game, as we did not hedge our bets at all this week.  If the game is high scoring and pass friendly we are toast.  Our bet is that the game will be a bruising ground battle in single degree weather and our bets show that.

    Packers in Snowy Lambeau

    New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers - UNDER 41 points

    Come-on snow and wind!  We are hoping for the Ice Bowl part II and not alot of scoring.

    Risk US$ 40.00 to win US$ 36.36

    Ryan Grant - Packers Workhorse

    Ryan Grant Rushing Attempts - OVER 22 carries

    If the Packers get the lead this should be a lock, this former Giant should be the workhorse for Green Bay.  With the cold weather and the performance last week, this should be a lock.

    Risk US$ 15.00 to win US$ 12.00

    Brandon Jacobs - Giants Workhorse

    Brandon Jacobs Rushing Attempts - OVER 15.5 carries

    If the Giants want to win in the cold, their best bet is to pound it out on the ground and use their big bruiser.  However, Jacobs has the potential to get hurt doing just about anything so this could be a mildly risky bet.

    Risk US$ 30.00 to win US$ 24.00

    Go Eli Manning go!

    New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers

    This could be the worst bet in the history of Pong A Long Picks. Taking the Giants outright vs the Pack at Lambeau seemed impossible, so we took it.  We want the Packers to win, so at least this would make us happy if they lose.  Hey, the Giants have won their last 8 road games right?  An awful, awful bet.

    Risk US$ 15.00 to win US$ 40.50

    Overall Risk $100.00 to win $112.76

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    So each week we bet “play” money on a few games. For our rules please see our first Pong A Long Picks Post.

    One missed field goal stopped us from a clean sweep last week, as we went 2 out of 3.   We are staying positive and throwing another 3 games in the mix this week.

    Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks

    Brett Favre Old School Picture

    We like the pack to win this, but the aging Seahawks should keep it close.  The Packers newly acquired ground game should keep the Seahawks on their toes.  But with the spread over a touchdown, we have to take the 'Hawks.

    Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks (+7.5)

    Risk US$ 25.00 to win US$ 22.73

    New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Randy Moss Fro from Vikings Days

    We think that the Pats might blow this game up via the air attack, but an even safer bet seems that the teams will score over 49 points (spread is 49.5).  The weather in New England is warm and Randy Moss should be able to score half of that spread himself.

    New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (over 49.5)

    Risk US$ 25.00 to win US$ 21.74

    New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys

    Simpson’s Boyfriend is a Romo

    The Giants have been on a roll lately, while the Cowboys sputtered into the playoffs.  Seeing that the Giants only lost to the Patriots by 3 points, we like the 7.5 points that Bodog is giving them.  Hopefully Jessica Simpson tuckered out her Romo boyfriend and Terrell Owens blows up in his face and starts a mechanical meltdown.

     New York Giants (+7.5) vs. Dallas Cowboys

    Risk US$ 20.00 to win US$ 17.39

     Overall Risk $70.00 to win $64.47

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    This week we will take it down a notch from last week's very disgusting Canadian PSA horror show.  This week's videos will feature the best half court basketball shots from fans and average joes from around the country.  These shots are the best of the best when it comes to fan shots shooting from halfcourt to win a prize.

    5.  Celtics Fan Winning $77,777

    First he his a free throw for $777, then nails a halfcourt shot for $77,000.  Now with Aerosmith music too!

    4.  Guy Wins Saturn With Halfcourt Shot

    Guy hits layup, 3-pointer and half court shot to win a Saturn.  Good news: He won a car.  Bad News: It was a Saturn.

    3.  Razorback Hits 4 Shot In A Row

    This student hits four shots in a row to win (even though his foot was over the line).  The ref calls him over the line, but he still gets credit for the win and the amazing 4 shot display.

    2.  Man Hits Backwards Half Court Shot

    Quite a bit of luck went into this shot, but this guy nails a halfcourt shot while not even looking at the net.

    1.  Cheerleader Hits Backwards Half Court Shot 

    This cheerleader nails a once in a lifetime shot and the best halfcourt shot in our video countdown this week.

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    So each week we bet “play” money on a few games. For our rules please see our first Pong A Long Picks Post.

    Weill last week ended our regular season, and we sure ended strong by more than doubling our money. We ended our first ever Pong A Long Picks regular season with only a medium size loss. WE started the 2007 NFL regualar season with $250 and ended with $156.23, an overall total of -$93.77. Not great, but we are taking it into the post season, and are on a roll.

    This week the games look much tougher to pick, so we are going to hedge our bets and pick three games.

    Pittsburg Steelers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Polamalu Hair

    The Steelers are at home getting three points, and we will take that for any postseason game.

    Pittsburg Steelers (+3) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Risk: $20.00 to win $16.67

    New York Giants vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


    The Bucs are givin 3 points and we like to think that the Giants D will slow up Garcia and the Buc's offense enough to keep it close.

    New York Giants (+3) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Risk: $20.00 to win $16.67

    Tennessee Titans vs. San Diego Chargers

    Haynseworth Isn’t Happy

    Vince Young is unpredictable, but he is a winner and should keep the Titans in this game. We really wanted to take the Titans outright, but we will take the ridiculously high 10 point spread that BoDog is giving us. Hopefully the Titans can figure a way to slow down LT and stop from being blown out.

    Tennessee Titans (+10) vs. San Diego Chargers

    Risk: $20.00 to win $16.67

    Overall Playoff Week 1 Betting - Risk $60.00 to win $52.09

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    This episode of YouTube Friday Five takes a look at the worst Canadian PSA's from Prevent-it.ca out there. These PSA's (Public Service Announcements) are so hideous and grotesque that we gave them one full post. So these prevent it guys want Canadians to be more careful at work, so they try to shock some sense into them by showing the most gory sights, and horrid images. Like they don't show someone slip, but slip and get burned beyond recognition. There is something wrong with Canada if you need to show these kinds of gut-wrenching videos just to get a point across. Anyway, we thought you sickos may enjoy these Canadian PSA videos from YouTube.

    WARNING: These videos are grotesque and should not be watched by the faint of heart

    5. Funeral with Man Electrocuted PSA

    The lamest of the videos on the list, this spot still shows a badly charred man speaking about accidents from his casket. Don't his fingers remind you of overdone hotdogs?

    4. Woman Falls When Hanging Sign PSA

    This rather attractive young lady takes a spill then continues to carry on her conversation while clearly being severely damaged in her torso area. I would give her a 8.5 on the fall because the landing was a bit awkward.

    3. Man on Forklift Gets Crushed in Factory PSA

    This hotshot on a forklift flies around the factory then gets speared harder than a Chuck Cecil hit. Then the ol fellow continues to talk safety to the engaged audience. Starring Randy Quaid, Rated R, Coming to a theater near you soon.

    2. Woman Gets Burned By Oil PSA

    She will be head chef next year, and about to get married .. until whoops a bloodcurdling scream and a few seconds of gore. This kind of stuff seems like it should never be shown on TV, I mean is this really worse than Janet Jackson flashing a pastie?

    1. Man Falls Off Scaffolding PSA

    This gets number one due to the extreme attention to detail. Not only does he get blasted, but watch the ending thud. These commercials are sick, but produced so well. Bravo to the ad agency who landed this gig, what a brainstorm meeting that must have been.

    Anyway, if you aren't grossed out enough go check out our beer pong tables, or feel free to browse around some of our other, more sanitary YouTube Friday Five posts.

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    User Submission Winner

    It is 2008 and Pong a Long is bringing back our User Submission Photo Contests! To enter all you have to do is submit your photo (preferably beer pong related or beer pong table related) cross your fingers, and check back at the beginning of the next month!

    SanDisk Sansa c100

    Each month we are going to be offering a killer prize and we are starting January off with a bang! January's prize is a SanDisk Sansa c100!

    To see past winners please check here, and to view all user submitted photo please view this page.

    Thanks and good luck from Pong A Long!

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    So each week we bet “play” money on a few games. For our rules please see our first Pong A Long Picks Post.

    We are putting it all on the line this week: $74.18. It is all we have left, and it is the last week of the season.

    Chad Johnson

    Cincinnati Bengals vs. Miami Dolphins

    The Dolphins are horrible this year, and why should they stop now. We like Ocho Cinco and the Bengals finishing strong.

    Cincinnati Bengals (+3) vs. Miami Dolphins

    Risk: $74.18 to win $82.05

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