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    Pink is the new pong.
    Here at Pong A Long we sympathize with you. Valentine's day, a gimmick created by a bunch of suits in a Marketing firm, sucks the life out you, and sucks the green out of your wallet every year. Roses! Chocolate! Gold! Diamonds! AHHHHHHHHHHH! And no matter what excuse you give* her, you still have to get her what she wants.

    Well this year you can tell her what YOU want. The Pong A Long team has created a painless form that will deliver her a message of your demands. And your demands are quite simple. Beer Pong. No silk heart patterned boxers, no chocolate, no teddy bears, just get me some beer pong, woman.

    Click on the :
    Pong A Long Valentines Day Message Form

    And enter in your Info, her email addy, and a customized message to tell her how much you love her and/or how much you love beer pong. And email will automatically be whipped up and formatted into a style that is pleasing to a women's eyes, and she will have the inside skinny on what it is that you would like for Vday.

    *Excuse List (Warning Do Not Attempt!)
    When i'm with you it is like Valentine's Day Year Round!
    Why cram all my love for you into one piddly day?
    But honey, I spent all my money on a Vegas Hooker.

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    Ok, so some of you may have been wondering what the marking on the table were. Well we are about to drop some knowledge on yo ass. We like to call this little gem the "Cup Configurator" or if you can't spell or pronounce that .. just call it the cup cue. What this baby does is guide you and your opponents into getting racks hotter then Jessica Simpson. This arrangement allows for you to re-rack at 10 cups, 6 cups, 4 cups, 2 cups, and 1 cup, which works well with wahtever beer pong rules you choose to use.

    An animated demonstration has been newly added incase you are too drunk to read!

    Simply click:


    and click on the "See How the Table Works" image.

    Warning this is only accessable to those with Flash Player 8. If you don't have Flash player 8, please go directly back to the year 2002, Throw in your Nickelback "How your Remind Me " CD and go stop Laci Peterson from going missing dammit! ... or just go to


    and download it allready. (PS ... Welcome to 2006)

    Thanks, and enjoy the racks!!!

    Heidi Klum does NOT come with the table.

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    Usually we end up foaming at the mouth on our backs pooping blood when we try to scratch a viper, but this time we ended up on top. Our boys over at gave us a big ol gouge in the hood to celebrate our beer pong brilliance. They also hooked us up with a sweet action video, and of course they have a buncha babes flashing more skin then Paris Hilton in nightvision (and much higher class skin at that too).

    Click to Check Out The Vid!

    Odd Shaped Ball Scratch

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    Like a women's menstrual cycle, it is that time of the month. However, instead of a stinky heavy flow, we are bringing you a delicious hybrid of woman mammary glands and beer pong. If you are the one featured in this picture please send an email to, along with proof that you are not an impostor, and you will win a super sweet prize.
    Beer Pong and Tater Tots

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