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    You know that feeling you have when you first get your hands on something new? Your senses pick up all kinds of crazy bologna that makes this new item exciting and pleasurable. The fresh scent of factory adhesives and chemically bonded plastic, the beautiful faux leather and brushed aluminum surfaces, the pleasure of knowing that this baby is all yours. It doesn't taste that great but we can overlook that, after all, the habit of putting everything possible into your mouth is something that you alone posses.

    Well today after much sweat, blood, coffee and hookers, we present to you the new Pong A Long Photo Gallery. This gallery is easier to use than a drunk minor, and has almost twice as many features. From the sleek minimalist design to the intuitive navigation, this gallery will fulfill all of your dreams and desires without the pesky jail time and unwanted sodomy. Uploading your photos has now gone from a chore to a delight! It is so simple that if you cannot accomplish it.... well you should call us and let us know because chances are whatever you’re doing in the pictures is equally as stupid... and we want to see. So make your way to the new gallery and have a look around, post some pictures, and make some comments. This month’s user submission winner will get the best prize yet, so start sending them in!

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    Look, it's not like we sit around all day waiting for your user submissions so we can pick the cream of the crop and send out a crappy prize. Sometimes we stand around and nod our heads to William Shatners rendition of I'm too Sexy. Thank goodness the captivating spell of Bill's silky voice was broken by this sequential display of drunken debauchery submitted this month.

    January Pong Winner

    Rarely do we see people so proudly display bladder dysfunction and public intoxication as was the case with this month’s winner.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Golf (or Tiger Woods video games), the upper left picture is Sawgrass, one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world. Jared is pictured here brokeback humping the flag pole three sheets to the wind. Continuing on with the award winning day, Jared and his crew hit up the old pong table. After that, things take a turn for the best. Initially someone is peeing the pool which is pretty great, but then the night gets far greater when someone else makes tinkle in their pants.

    For all of the above mentioned, this is our January 2006 User Submission Winner. Your prize will follow shortly. Congratulations from Pong A Long!

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    We already recapped Jared and his winning booze filled pictures, and now he has his prize.

    We here at Pong A Long got a little, well maybe a lot of slack on the last prize we issued. Stan went as far as to even say "My God, that is so homosexual". So in January we here at Pong A Long we knew we needed a manly prize, and went out looking for one with more vengeance then Jeff Gillooly and a lead pipe.

    The result:
    A Stainless Steel Butterfly Knife. (We really wanted a switchblade, but found that we may be arrested on its arrival.)

    Open Knife
    Knife Closed
    Stainless steel handle
    Belevied curved blade for quicker killing
    Grooved handles with holes for better stabbing aerodynamics

    Then we shipped the knife off to Jared proud as a Priest at a Religion Class Retreat, and realized that he can't even carry it concealed. What a joke of a state that Florida is. How on Earth are you supposed to protect yourself from the elderly? Maybe that is why all those dumb shirts talk about people loving NY; we can carry concealed Butterfly Knives.

    So we put together a few uses for Jared to use around the house using our Knife. Here they are, in a key of 4, just like the winning pictures:

    1. Cut Roomie's "Hip" Shower Curtain
    Shower Knife
    2. Cut Roomie's Poker Playing Dog Slippers
    Pooch Suicide
    3. Cut Roomie's Couch
    Couch Cut
    4. Cut Into Roomie's Bumper (takes a bit of jiggling)
    Sumper Stabber
    Alright Jared, hope you enjoy the prize, my roommate sure didn't.

    And for all of you drunkards, next month's prize is even better. Start submitting!

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