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    MySpace Pong Giveaway

    What's up suckas? Well we here at Pong A Long have been kickin out Beer Pong Tables for awhile now, and are looking for some new friends, and are offering a sweet reward for one lucky MySpace buddy! The payoff for being a friend to Pong A Long on MySpace? A single pump Airsoft Shotgun with Laser Scope.

    All you have to do is join the friend list of Pong A Long on MySpace, and you are automatically entered into the drawing. We will then randomly select a winner from our list of Friends and then ship you over a new pump for your collection, and o yeah we will throw in a speed loader for you too. The drawing will be held on 04/15/06, so start requesting our approvals now!

    Gun Description/Instruction
    This full scale spring shotgun is similar in design to a pump action shotgun. How it works: Open magazine cover located on top of shotgun and Load 6mm bbs into gun. Slide cover back into place. Pull the handgrip back until the gun is loaded then return to position. Tuck Shotgun into pantleg like you are a rap superstar, creep into roomate's room, whip out shotty and start going bucknasty on his DMB poster. Take down poster and keep as souvenir (you should aim for the dirty looking 5'oclock hippie shadow).

    WARNING : This thing shoots over 200fps and really isn't a toy. At least that is what the label says. You could shoot your eye out kid. Must be 18+ to win, no need to pay us off for entry. Orange tip required. No purchase necessary, must be located in lower 48 states.

    SignUp Now!

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    A variety of photos came rolling in this March, from "the glitter gun show" to some serious beer pong set ups, but alas there can only be one winner, and it was neither of those. The winning submission came from the ten cup combo of smith and trish. Smith really was the Scottie Pippen of this duo and just does not gather the attention of the 'Jordanesque' Trish.
    Maybe it is the tight white shirt, maybe it is the brushing of the hair lightly over the ears, or maybe it is because Trish won 6 championships, 10 scoring titles, and took home 5 MVP's while smith was traded to Portland where he excelled in mediocrity. Either way, congrats team, tell BJ Armstrong we said hi!

    March '06 Pong Winner
    Email to gather your prize!

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    The February 2006 user photo submission contest has ended! We have a winner, and also a runner up this month to double your pong goodness.

    February 06 Winner!

    February '06 Winner
    First off, we will start with the winner of the February contest. There are two main reasons why we chose this submission as our winner this month. The first is "fun" and the second is "bags". If this photo is you, send an e-mail to proving it along with your address and your prize will be on it's way.

    Runner Up!

    February '06 Runner Up
    Secondly we have our runner up. This chap was chosen because of his raw talent alone. You can tell from the perfect arc on that ball and the stunned look on the face of his friend that he is going places. That place may be lead McDonalds cashier, but hey at least it's the lead. If this is you, send an e-mail to proving it along with your address and we will send you a free t-shirt fresh off the press.

    That's it for today jerks. Send in your e-mails if you are either of these specimen's and we will get you your mind blowing prizes asap.

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