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    Since it is pretty much Finals time, we got an equation for you:

    Drunken Debauchery + Sharpie Shenanigans + Shirtlessness= April User Submission Winner!

    This month a series of party pics tops the Pong A Long winners list. One amazing uploader hit us with a flurry of Pong, Girls, Booze, Half Moons, some super sweet marker tattoos.

    Now we here a Pong A Long will recap this event and provide play-by-play that is more splendiferous then Walt Frazier and comes with less back biting then Marv Albert. Yessssssssss!


    Picture 1: The night begins with a beer pong table, a futon (will come into play later), girls, 151, some old school beer cans, and dreams. Hopes and dreams of beer pong legendry, world peace, Scarlett Johansson and possibly edible furbies and winged ponies.

    The night begins on the beer pong table.

    Picture 2: Looking to ice the game with a killer psyche out, our all star player stares the opposition in the face, then calmly states "Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?" while dropping his pants. Our best estimation would tell us that the psyche out worked, and then the game winning shot occurred while belting out the classic Michael Keaton as Bruce Wanye line "you wanna get nuts? LETS GET NUTS!"

    Pale Half Moon

    Pic 3: Like a modern day bat symbol, women immediately flock to the bare assed super hero, and begin playing pong. While throwing balls on the uber hip beer pong table, they immediate realize that they can never date normal men again. Everyone other then these Pong A Long owners now look squarer then a saltine, and lamer then Rachael Ray and Food TV. Chalk up another win boys, and make sure Pong A Long gets the assist on the score card.

    Wa Wa Wee Waa

    Pic 4: Having conquered beer pong, women, and partial nudity, our gang takes on Mr. TomFoolery in the form of amateur body art on an unsuspecting cohort. Thinking they have watched enough "Miami Ink" the team creates Sharpie Antics that were last seen when TO was on the Eagles. The result: An abstract body art makeover that makes the contestant look 10 years older, mildly slimmer, and a bit more manly.

    No Title Needed

    Thanks for the great pictures; you have a great prize ahead!

    Runner Up:

    This month we decided to have a runner up because a picture was uploaded that could be poster material. We like to call this the "Flying Soccer Swayze" and the name pretty much speaks for itself, enjoy:

    Flying Soccer Swayze

    You win a free hipster Pong A Long shirt, but we have a feeling that with a shot and style like that you don't need help in the hipster area.

    All winners please contact us here at and we will ship out your prize ASAP!

    Thanks for all the entries, long live beer pong!

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    Ok, so our old blog software was lame-o to the max. We've come to terms with that. But unlike some people who would just sit back and be lame until the end of time, we actually did something about it. Why? Because we are smart.

    No Retards

    Our amazing computer magicians have whipped up a new system that we can be proud of. There are lots of tools that make reading and writing it more enjoyable. It will also enable us to have bigger and better contests in the super near future [Hint Hint] and pump out RSS and Atom feeds all over town.

    Take a gander at this jammer, it's so boss it looks like it's tear'n ass around the backyard, but it's standing still! Still waters run deep....

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    Random Brain Parasite #001

    The right tool for the right job. Anyone who has worked for a middle school educated foreman to earn some extra scratch has heard these rage inducing words at least a million times. Annoying as it may be, you always knew deep down that it was wisdom coming from that smelly, cold hearted jerk. Now, as you stand over his grave after the funeral that no one came to, it hits you like a bolt of stupid. You can’t play beer pong on a closet door you ripped out of your dorm room! That’s just ridiculous! Thanks old timer, I’m checking out the portable beer pong tables over at Pong a Long because they truly are the right tool for the right job.

    Thanks Mr. Foreman

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    Spring is upon us boys and girls, and today is a very special day. That's right, the third Thursday in April is National High Five Day (NH5D)!
    To celebrate we are throwing up our high fives and throwing out shipping costs on all T-Shirts! Head over to the store and pick you and your gal up a T-Shirt you can sport with confidence as you high five every living soul you pass. In fact, if you meet someone wearing a Pong A Long T-Shirt, we encourage you to go double high five on their asses. Yeaasss, the Ten five! Use it sparingly however, it's not for everyday.
    Free Beer Pong Shirt Shipping

    From all of us over at Pong A Long, happy high five day. Press your greasy hand up on the monitor and feel our Pong love.

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    College Slackers? I think not! Check out this super sweet review from, the best college site on the Internet today.

    College Slackers Review defines slacker as:

    slack·er ( P ) Pronunciation Key (slkr) n.
    One who shirks work or responsibility: “In terms of their outlook on the future, slackers regard tomorrow with a studied cynicism or... don't even conceive of one” (Julie Caniglia).
    One who tries to evade military service in wartime; a draft dodger.

    Hmmm, Mr. Dictionary Dot Com, I would have to disagree. These College "Slackers" not only figured out how to open the table, but play on it, formulate sentences, type them on a computer, upload them onto the internet, and even shoot a Video!
    ...And the thing about the war evasion ... did you see the gameplay? They were dropping bombs like Hiroshima.

    College Slackers Pictures!
    Thanks to the College Slackers for the great review, and for helping to change the perception of slackers across the nation.

    (now you can head back to the couch and watch the first 3 seasons of 24 back-to-back with just a quarter barrel and a bedpan)

    Remember to check our Beer Pong Tables, and to bookmark your College Entertainment site!

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    Attention all you beer pong boozehounds, we have a winner from our MySpace giveaway! This truly was a randomized drawing (except for the couple of tries to not get a porn star or music group), and the winner is .... Derek.

    Pong A Long Beer Pong Winner!
    Derek congrats on winning the first ever Pong A Long MySpace giveaway, and congrats on having the most un-dramatic MySpace name, you really need to work on that.

    Derek is very ambitious and wants to meet many people, here is a quick list of his top 25:

    As avid Detroit Tiger Fans here at Pong A Long it hurts us to put up a picture of Derek Jeter on our site, but the Tourette's Guy makes it all worthwhile.

    Pong A Long MySpace Prize
    Congrats to Derek for winning the Prize, we will be contacting you through MySpace .. Don't shoot your eye out kid!

    Don't forget to check out our Beer Pong Tables!

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