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    Pong A Long
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    Win a MP3 Player!

    Well folks, we are underway with the constest. The first weekend brought us some..... interesting entries. We saw some tiny pics that had nothing to do with Pong A Long what so ever:
    Tiny 2Tiny 1

    some pics of the table in action...
    Table Action 2Table Action 1
    and one of a ladies bottom that had been recently sitting in a beach chair we recon.
    Chair Butt
    We know there are people out there with great ideas on how to really wow us in the contest. Remember, you don't even need a table! Just creatively display our name (Pong A Long) in your picture somewhere or in some crazy way. We can't wait to give away this 20 Gig MP3 player and free access to millions of songs! Get over to the contest page and send in your pictures!

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  • Pong A Long
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    Spring Bling Contest Giveaway!

    Ho, Du-hude! Did you hear the news? Pong A Long, your favorite portable beer pong table maker, is giving away a 20 GB mp3 player and unlimited access for a whole month! This isn’t some rinky dink little player either. The iriver H10 is one of the best mp3 players out there and will hold up to 600 hours of music!

    Why are we doing this? Who cares! We like hooking you jerks up, so what? This contest is perfect mang. It requires no purchase at all, just a little imagination. You can read the full terms and rules, but the basic idea is this:

    • Take a picture of you and your friends partying and somehow incorporate the Pong A Long name, table, or both into the picture.

    For example, spell Pong A Long out with bottles and cans on top of the table and gather around it. That is so lame that I feel dirty even posting it, so do much better than that. Oh yeah, and don’t try to get sneaky and Photoshop the name into the pic. It has to actually be in the shot buster.

    The contest will run until June 30th and a winner will be chosen by the Pong A Long staff on July 5th. You can submit up to 5 entries per person so start snapping photos. Head over to the contest section and start thinking up great ideas, this is $300 worth of prize on the line boyeeeeee!

    Contest Main Page
    Contest Prize Description
    Contest Terms
    Contest Entry Form

    iriver H10

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  • Pong A Long
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    When you think of portability coupled with affordability, it’s tough not to day dream about that midget hooker that stole your heart one summers night. She was gentle, but firm and had the most remarkable way of folding over. Not so much at the waist or the knees, but at some foreign area in-between. We had you in mind when we designed the worlds most portable, yet affordable beer pong tables. They fold in half for ease of transportation and they provide endless hours of enjoyment, just like you baby. But unlike you, the tables clean up quickly and easily, stand 31 inches high, and didn’t give us VD. You’ll always have a place in our memories, but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Playing on a Pong a Long portable beer pong table is our little way of preserving your memory and just saying “thanks”.


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  • Pong A Long
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    Acción que ríe: ganados con un sentido del humor. Excepto las ballenas. Recoja el sistema del conjunto. ¿Quién pago parado en mi cheque de la realidad? Una conclusión es el lugar adonde usted consiguió cansado del pensamiento. El único substituto para las buenas maneras es reflejos rápidos. No dije que era su avería. Dije que iba a culparle. Derretimiento de Pentiums en su PC, no en su mano. El sexo era tan bueno que incluso los vecinos tenían un cigarrillo. Generalmente hablando, usted no está aprendiendo mucho cuando su boca se está moviendo. La manera más rápida de doblar su dinero es doblarlo por la mitad y ponerlo detrás en su bolsillo. Si usted no tiene mucha educación usted debe utilizar su cerebro. Hay 3 clases de gente: los que pueden contar y los que no pueden. Es siempre el más oscuro antes de amanecer. Tan si usted va a robar el periódico del vecino, ésa es la época de hacerlo. Su piscina de gene podía utilizar una poca clorina. No beba y no conduzca. Usted puede ser que golpee un topetón y derrame su bebida. Más pronto usted se cae detrás del más tiempo que usted tendrá que coger para arriba. El genio hace lo que debe, talento hace lo que puede, y usted tenía lo más mejor posible hacer lo que le dicen.

    Cinco De Mayo!

    Viva Beer Pong!

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  • Pong A Long
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    For a blizzard of beer pong pictures that captivated audiences across the country, Adam from WI ihas won a date with John Lithgow and a brand new ray gun! I mean Airsoft rifle with accompanying hand gun and a bag o' BB's. Congrats Adam, thanks for the pics, and thanks for the memories! Oh, those memories. Here is your prize, don't stick up any convenience stores now.

    Those Japanese know how to chrome out a gun
    Semi-sawed-off Shotty
    All you other pong players need to step up the game next month, more sweet prizes are coming your way, and soon the granddaddy of them all ...

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