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    Independence Day - Boom!

    We here at Pong A Long want to wish you a wonderful anniversary for the day that we told England to leave us alone and get their goofy butts back to the motherland and to take the game of cricket and Wallace and Grommit with them. Note to you England: No one likes claymation dogs or clay dudes with huge clay hands, go play soccer or something.
    Anyway, we here at Pong A Long will be taking some time off to (guess what) get drunk and play beer pong. So our response times will be a bit slower, and propably a bit drunker then usual. We also will be taking Monday off, so that means no table shipping on that day. Sorry!
    This also signals and end to our Spring Bling contest! Thanks for all who entered. winners will be announced on the 5th!
    We do however present you with memorable quotes from the movie Independence Day starring Will Smith as Captain Steven Hiller and Jeff Goldblum as David Levinson, the ultra-clever brainiac. Feel free to throw these suckers around this weekend and be a total dude.

    • That's what you get! Ha Ha! Look at you! Ya ship's all banged up!
    • Who's the man? Huh? Who's the man? Wait till I get another plane! I'm a line ya friends up right beside you! Where ya at, huh? Where ya at?
    • Y'all take care, alright, 'nothing but love for ya. I ain't got nothing by love for ya.
    • WHOSE THE MAN? HUH? WHOSE THE MAN? Wait until I get another plane! I am going to lower your friends RIGHT BESIDE YOU!

    Wow, that Will Smith sure has talent. Have a good 4th!

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    Here at Pong A Long we have been working so hard to keep all you crazy drunks happy, that we decided to take a step back and award ourselves an honorary medal for customer service. If it was up to us, the medal would be diamond encrusted and a spinner, and would come with matching grillz for the Pong A Long team. But seriously, as long as you are not trying to push penis pills, get us to stop smoking, or trying to hook us up with cheap“v1c0d1n” we respond to your message quicker then a US exit in the World Cup.

    Our response time is always under 24 hours, and to be honest, usually under 24 minutes; we just sit here around the computer and hope that some money comes in so we can pay our leaning tower or pisa constructed of electric bills. If you have a problem, question or even if you are smoking hot chick and looking for a date, just email us, and we will hit you back, super quick.

    As always, our email address for customer service is:

    Feel free to post a response if you have had a successful encounter!

    So go ahead, have no fear, check out our Beer Pong Tables and know you are in good hands. Good soft well groomed hands.

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    Summer is here, and we only have one week until we stop accepting images and close out our Spring Bling contest for the super slick iriver H10 20GB remix. So bring it, and bring it strong, as we have had a variety of images in the mix so far. Enter here today to be included!

    Full Pong A Long Spring Bling Contest Rules are here.


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    It's kinda like that coffee induced "chance fart" that you brave every morning. You wonder if the outcome of our efforts will be muddy filth, or a seat warming blast of gassy toxins. That's why you lift your leg up a bit, you don't want to soil your sofa, that and the fact that you want to wallow in its entirety. As the warm chunk-free air flows out you realize this fearless flatulence feeling is the exactly the same as when you unwrap one of our fresh beer pong tables from its packaging (except that farts smell so much sweeter than beer pong tables). The anxiety is over, you took a chance, and you won. Pat yourself on the back and add in a little rub from us over here at Pong A Long.

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    Alright chumps and chumpettes, we're getting down to the wire on the 20GB mp3 player giveaway. We have a few bad ass submissions so far and a bunch of mediocre ones. We're looking for you lazy busters to get out the this weekend and remember to take a photo/video to send to us! It's so simple and the reward is so gnarly! Remember that the contest will end on June 30th, so that gives you 2 more weekends to rock our faces off. To get you motivated, here are a couple of video sent in by some real men.

    Nothing crazy interesting here, just some nice pong footage
    Pong A Long Footage

    And then.....Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Manly move

    Now that is a man.

    We also have a wicked pic that is not safe for kiddies, we will be unveiling that one in the near furture but it stays under wraps for the time being.

    Get over to the contest page and submit your entries today!

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    Hey there kiddos! We are back with another set of beer pong pics and pize winning photos, from the month of May. These winning photos will be added into the mix for the Pong A Long Spring Bling Contest. The winning pics is a set of photos in May feature three ladies and just one Pong A Long. Yup, that's how we like it. Behold:

    "Sunglasses A Night" ~ Someone call Corey Hart, cuz these chickies are stealing his moves.
    Sunglasses At Night

    "Bash Sisters" ~ Just like Mark McGuire and Jose Canseco, these two know how to perform a celebratory smash after a big shot (only using chesticles rather then forearms and without the 'roids in the ass).
    Bash Brothers

    "Team Bonding" ~ Blamo! Screw ropes courses, or "leaps of faith" just swap some spit between teammates to really get close. They are either sucking face or just huddling, but we here at Pong A Long like to think they are doing the former.

    Team Bonding

    If you uploaded these pictures, shoot over an email to claim your prize! Also don't forget about the biggest giveaway yet - only one month to go!

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