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    We here at Pong A Long just wanted to say that we surely think that "Heat of the Moment" off of Asia 's 1982 self titled CD is the best song that has ever been created, and will probably never be topped in our lifetime. For chrissakes, they even have a Sea Dragon grappling an oversized floating marble on the CD cover.

    Asia S/T

    The lyrics in the song are flawless and ring true to the real world:

    And now you find yourself in 82
    The disco hotspots hold no charm for you
    You cant concern yourself with bigger things
    You catch the pearl and ride the dragons wings

    Even Dem Franchise Boyz covered the song, although they slightly modified the lyrics to:

    I'm all about my cash ride around wit a nice peace
    Ear piece icy they straight up like me
    You heard pimpin playa (they shine so brightly)
    Don't stand so close vision burners with ice blingers

    Asia’s brady-esque video stimulates the senses with up-close tambourine shots, flaming sunglasses, smashed hourglasses, and even the unheard of usage of a skin-tight button-down vest with no shirt underneath.


    And we rest our case. We here at Pong A Long are are merely beer pong guru's, but we dare you to find a better song, and will even send you free stuff if we agree.

    And No Europe's "Final Countdown" is not better.

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  • Pong A Long
  • 08

    Notice anything new? Well look closer buster! Not only are we sportin' a new extra durable table graphic, but we also have 8 foot Professional sized tables in stock! So many of you decided to say.....and by "say" we mean whisper while we were making spoons, "But Pong A Long, we know you're the best and we love you and all, but how about hooking us up with a 8 foot jammy jam for my bigger,badder town house? We'll still rock the 7 footer all over town for its enhanced portability! We promise!"

    Well, have it your way. They're all yours and priced low enough that even MC Hammer could still afford one. Take a look at the photos and visit them in the cart:

    8 Footer 1 8 Footer 2 8 Footer 3

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    Last months fan photo contest winner upped the ante on our humble monthly competition. And not knowing when to fold (because we suck at all things gambling) we raised your asses right back with a serious prize! Thank you guys for the great photo and strong effort. We mean that from the bottom of our loveless, self loathing hearts. To reward you for your champion picture, we offer you this.....(drum roll please)........

    Behold, the Philips ShoqBox!

    This little fella is a lot more than meets the eye. Sure it's a tiny little jam box (that's what she said), but wait until you hear what this mother trucker is packin'. You'll be amazed by the huge sound that comes from this thing (and huge price tag), and get a load of the specs:

    • XSL Acoustics speaker technology -featuring precise tuning among the speaker drivers, the small acoustic enclosure and the circuitry — ensures superbly dynamic sound and surprisingly deep, elastic bass response. Its tiny, specially designed stereo speakers incorporate advanced materials (like a titanium cone and neodymium magnet) for remarkably efficient output — nearly twice as powerful as conventional speakers of the same size, with no audible distortion even at the highest volume settings.
    • 256MB internal flash memory that holds up to 4 hours of near-CD-quality MP3 music, or 8 hours in WMA format* (ID3 tags and Digital Rights Management are fully supported). Transferring tunes to and from the ShoqBox is a snap, thanks to a fast USB connection and the included Musicmatch Jukebox music-management software. And what's more, the ShoqBox is firmware-upgradable for access to new features and compatibility with future music formats as they become available.
    • 6-mode equalizer lets you select flat frequency response, or optimize output for the type of music you're playing — rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop or classical — at the touch of a button. Want even more musical variety? The built-in digital FM tuner lets you pull in your favorite stations with ease. And the inclusion of an alarm and sleep timer makes the ShoqBox a great business-travel companion.

    You'll want to go back and actually read those jerk. And i know what your thinking, 256Megs? My balls have more onboard memory than that. But Oh Contraire Mon Frare, there is an auxillary input so you can hook up your hipster 60gig iPod and rock your pants off. It has an FM radio, Alarm clock that will wake you to your tunes, and I think we're over looking the greatest part of this little wonder. It has a 10 HOUR recharagble built in battery! Let that soak in a minute. Don't you see? All your stupid mp3 players can plug into this thing and it will pump out your Hanson collection wherever you are! Think about the beach, park, boring movies/classes/conversations about your girlfriends "feelings", anywhere! In fact, this thing is about as portable as our beer pong tables, and goes anywhere like them too!

    We're not parters with Philips or anything, we promise. We just wanted to make sure you knew how dope this thing is. Don't believe us? Read this 3rd party, unbiased review.

    And there is nothing that says we don't have a couple more of these wang doodles for another good effort in the contests........

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  • 01

    Hey there beer pong nation, it is that time again. Time of year to sweat in your sweatboxes, and time for a new beer pong User Submission winner. While we did have a handful of entries, this month's contest resembled opening weekend and a fight between the blockbuster Pirates 2 and the boutique Wayan's brothers art film, Little Man.

    The beer pong picture of the month revealed:

    A little planning mixed in with some execution and a few fist pumps = The July Winner!

    This post was so sweet that we actually upped the prize, so if this is you please send us a message via our Contact Us Form.

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