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    Pong A Long
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    *Warning* Today's Friday Five is not for the faint of heart. Note, these videos are not condoning binge drinking or drinking to stupidity, but simply making us laugh. None of these videos even feature beer pong, and most not even alcohol to that matter.

    And a side note, more then once did we choke down vommit ourselves while going through every puke related video on YouTube, but we did it all for you. All of it. ... let the raw unadulterated carnage begin.

    The category at hand: Puking

    5. Hi Ralph, my name is Coca-Cola, and I have carbonation.

    Can't display file

    4. Just a stupid chick doing an eminem puke rant, but at 00:34 sec in, she screams "Don't Act Like You're King of the Balloon" and history was made. Can't display file

    3. What? He was just trying to warm up his drink. Can't display file

    2. This is long but totalllllly worth it. We are guessing Tyrone had a little too much granola, soy milk and pomegranate juice while he was out trying to make "Everyday Arbor Day"!
    Can't display file

    1. Ok even dogs can realize their mistakes after a bad decision, but you could at least grab some Listerine and cuddle with the lady rather then licking it up. Can't display file If you have any better puke videos, feel free to throw them in our comments and we may get you out a non-puke related prize!

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  • Pong A Long
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    This post will help you learn how to successfully play beer pong while playing at the beach, tailgaiting, camping, or participating in any other outside activity. The wind is your enemy when playing with ping pong balls, as it is as unpredictable as Michael Jackson's facial appearence.
    Steps to play beer pong in the wind:

    1) Get a beer pong table, pong cups, 2 water cups and two bottle caps. Many people chose to use quarters, but if you are accustomed to using ping pong balls, the bottle caps are much easier.

    Beer Bottle Cap

    2) Crush the bottle cap in half and make sure to do so evenly.

    Beer Bottle Cap Folded

    3) Fill the water cups up to the very bottom line. You will be using the bottle caps (or quarters) which sink to the bottom. If you use a full glass of water you will displace water all over the table when retrieving the cap.

    4) Hold the bottle cap like it is a football and throw like a normal ping pong ball. Some people may prefer to hold it sideways to keep the width as consistent as a ping pong ball.

    Beer Bottle Cap Hold

    5) Throw the bottle cap just like any ping pong ball. Make it in the cup and taunt. Taunt heavily.

    Beer Bottle Cap Throw

    6) Wash the bottle cap just like any ping pong ball, and then taunt the wind for being smarter then it could ever be.

    You have just been enlightened.

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  • Pong A Long
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    Last week we ad high hopes for Big Ben’s first start this season, but once he stepped on the field all those hopes crashed like a motorcycle driving head on to a car. We now need to level off for the season with solid pick this week.

    Pass The Herp!

    Falcons -4 vs Saints +4

    Saints + Reggie Bush + Home Opener + First Game At Superdome Since Katrina < Valtrex Vick

    Falcons in a blowout. We Take the Falcons -4

    Season Bet Record: 1-2

    Lines courtesy of

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    We will be providing the top 5 pics that we can find on a specific topic and showing them to you, our loving beer pong fanatics! Its kinda like that show “Sporslist” hosted by Summer Sanders, but without the hot chick.

    This weeks category is: SPORTS

    5. Boxing KO
    Drops like a sack of potatoes. A soaking wet sack of potatoes shot downwards from a cannon
    Can't display file

    4. Basketball Hail Mary
    Never seen accuracy like this. This kid shoots it exactly where aiming. Can't display file

    3. Golf Bird “Accident”
    We hate birds, so do you. All those friggin featherballs do is poop on your car and wake you up wayyy to early. Nice shot granny. Can't display file

    2. Randy Johnson Beakpoint Accuracy
    Please see comments for number 3. Can't display file

    1. Gymnast Glory
    This is the best sports lip EVER, that is if you consider gymnastics a sport. We believe that the first person to “roll on the floor laughing” did so due to the viewing of this clip. Can't display file

    Thanks for viewing! If you have clips that you think are better, please post them right here!

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  • Pong A Long
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    Last week we split thanks to Mark Brunell’s less then stellar 163 yards in the air. When JP Losman out throws you, it is time to throw in the towel. But on the positive, we crushed the second half of the bet, and got you your money back.

    This Monday we have two defensive giants going head to head in the Steelers against the Jags:


    Steelers -1.5 vs Jaguars +1.5

    Even though the Steelers may not have Big Ben Roethlisberger, they have Charlie Batch, the alleged drugging and raping guru.

    Well, how could that go wrong? We like Pittsburg -1.5

    Now go make that bet and buy some beer pong tables!

    Season Bet Record : 1-1

    Lines courtesy of

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  • Pong A Long
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    We here at Pong A Long want to make you money, and then we want you to give your money to us for tables, so we thought we would help you out. So we have initiated the first ever ‘Pong A Long Picks’. These pics come directly from Biff Tannen’s 2015 Sports Almanac, so we cannot lose.


    Look for our picks weekly, and make sure to drop loads of money down, and do not forget what favorite beer pong tables manufacturer gave you the tip!


    Washington Vs Minnesota

    This may be the first game where both quarterbacks die of old age while playing in the game. Redskins -4.5


    San Diego Vs Oakland

    Raiders defense has more holes then Steve Foley’s stomach. Chargers -3

    Pong A Long Record To Date = 0-0

    Lines are courtesy of

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  • Pong A Long
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    We get contacts asking us, how do we win the photo submission contest? What kind of picture should we take?


    We have always just said take a "rad" beer pong table photo. Until today. We had to face the facts and answer the question: What is rad?

    This is the unedited transcript on how the question was answered:

    That is great......... we will send photos!

    ~Wonderful Customer

    Wonderful Customer,

    Excellent! You can win some cool stuff if you send a rad photo to us.


    The Pong A Long Team

    You had better define "rad" so we don't offend anyone.

    ~Wonderful Customer

    Wonderful Customer,

    Rad = A unicorn smoking a unfiltered lucky strike with kittens skewered
    on its horn like shish kabobs while eating a baby and parking in a
    handicap spot without a handicap sticker.

    We are unoffendable!

    The Pong A Long Team

    Like Elaine Benes and the Soup Nazi, or the dumb talking dog and Bush's baked beans, you now have the formula.

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    Question: August is:

    a) National Back To School Month
    b) National Investors Month
    c) Admit You're Happy Month
    d) Women's Small Business Month
    e) Breastfeeding Awareness Month
    f) Killer Pong A Long Photo Month

    Answer: F - Killer Pong A Long Photo Month

    We were flooded with beer pong table pictures, toga madness, pyramid cans, even a picture with our name on it in front of Unicorn Beer. (Note to the Pong A Long Nation, we love Unicorns, Dragons, Lumberjacks and Hobie Buchannon from Baywatch, sometimes referred to as the Hobster.)

    Anyway, the pictures were so good that we have crowned two winners, and about 4 losers.
    To all the winners - congrats, please reach us via our contact submission form for your prize!
    To all the losers - Sorry, but side boobs beat aluminum cans any day.

    The winners are:

    The Beer Pong Toga Party

    Toga2 Toga4 Toga2 Toga1 Toga5


    The Super Sweet Customized Pong A Long Beer Pong Table

    CustomBeerPongTable CustomeBeerPongTable

    Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures, and thanks to Caesar Divi Filivs Avgvstvs for creating both the month of August and the Bird Flu!

    Winners please contact us here.

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