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    Pong A Long
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    Here is a classic beer pong Halloween costume for your viewing pleasure!

    Beer Pong Halloween Costume

    Happy Halloween from:

    Beer Pong Pumpkin

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  • Pong A Long
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    This week’s game:

    Vikings +2.5 vs Patriots -2.5

    This game takes place one day away from Halloween, or on the Eve of All Hallow's Eve. So we judged who has the best costume for the game. And the results are in:

    Third Place:

    Brad Johnson Costume

    Brad Johnson for his Frodo Baggins Mask

    Second Place:

    Corey Dillon Costume

    Corey Dillon for his Rastafarian Catfish Suit

    First Place:

    Laurency Maroney Costume

    Laurence Maroney for his Predator Costume!

    Gotta go with the winner: We take Patriots -2.5

    Season Bet Record: 3-5.

    Lines courtesy of

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  • Pong A Long
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    Foosball (or table soccer) is the second best table game (behind beer pong of course) because you can crush hate out of your body and fling it at the poor little yellow man trying to tend goal. And it also reiterates one of our biggest beliefs: spinners aren't cool, and actually should be illegal. Here are the best foosball video clips that we could find on all of Youtube:

    5. Cool passing video with what reminds us of a happy ending after a deep tissue massage.

    Can't display file

    4. This foosball clip would prob be ranked higher if it didn't have such lame music.

    Can't display file

    3. Kind of a cool commercial minus the Pepsi.

    Can't display file

    2. We have spent 2 straight days trying to do the "flight of the navigator" and have not even gotten the ball off the ground yet.
    Can't display file

    1. We would rather have these skills then the ability to fly. Guess who wins - The guy with barehands and brawn? or the one with mime gloves?
    Can't display file

    If you have better foosball videos, comment right here, and you could be in line for a prize!

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  • Pong A Long
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    I guess Matt Leinart is a little better then Rex Grossman. We still think the Bears would have dominated if they played Kyle Orton. And at least we got a good sound clip out of it.

    This week's game:

    Cowboys -3.5 vs Giants +3.5

    Lets take a look at both of the stars of the game:

    Eli Manning and Terrell Owens are Gross

    Ok, lets not. Lets just look at this guy and laugh.

    Michael Strahan's Teeth Ladies and Gentlemen

    Ha Ha Ha. We take the Giants +3.5.

    Season Bet Record: 2-5.

    Lines courtesy of

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  • Pong A Long
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    Last week we missed the You Tube Friday Five video roundup. But this week we are back, and better then ever. This week's videos feature lion attacks on video. How the hell are people smart enough to afford a camcorder, but dumb enough to play with lions? Many of these lion attack videos are very graphic, and are not recommended for the faint of heart. But they teach us one valuable lesson, if you are going to play with lions, then at least bring a camera to catch the lion attack on video!

    5. This is just cool because a lions gets speared so friggin hard:

    Can't display file

    4. First part in a two part series in which we call "Look at the idiot get eaten"

    Can't display file

    3. "Look at the idiot get eaten" .. part two

    Can't display file

    2. At the end the woman swats the guys arm, how on earth could that possibly help? So freaking classic.
    Can't display file

    1. This lion is raw.
    Can't display file

    If you have a better lion attack video, comment right here, and you could be in line for a beer pong table related prize!

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  • Pong A Long
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    Nick Lachey photo and Jessica

    We just noticed that in our last two blog posts we mentioned Nick Lachey. This is unacceptable, unintelligent, and unlike us. We apologize sincerely, and will use a Nick Lachey photo sparingly from here on out. Nick Lachey looks like a thoroughbred Cardigan Welsh Corgi that has been Dirty Sanchezed so many times that he has constant stain above his lip. (Kind of like Joe Rogan and his perma-5 o'clock shadow) Nick Lachey has no right to be on a blog, espically ours which is dedicated to beer pong tables, funny videos, or sports bets.

    Scarlett Johansson Face

    We would like to offer these pictures of Scarlett Johansson as a peace offering, and to right all of our wrongs.

    Scarlett Johansson Breasts Scarlett Johansson and Boobs

    Scarlett Johansson's Breasts Scarlett Johansson's Boobs

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  • Pong A Long
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    Attention: There is only one month left to win the Pong A Long Fall Brawl Contest, which comes with a one gigabyte Ipod Shuffle, "the world's smallest MP3 player". This little thing even makes Nick Lachey jealous.

    1 Gigabyte Ipod Shuffle Prize

    All that you have to do is take a great picture of you playing on a Pong A Long Beer Pong Table, or including "Pong A Long" somewhere in your picture. This could be you and your buddie boozed up tailgaiting with a Pong A Long at a Jessica Simpson concert, or just you writing "Pong A Long" across the chest of your busty friend who looks like Jessica Simpon. Obviously writing on a Jessica look alike would beat out writing on an Ashlee look alike, and so on.

    Contest Ends November 15th!!!

    Easily enter your photos here, only 5 entries per person please!!

    Official Terms and Conditions

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  • Pong A Long
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    Last week we finally redeemed ourselves, and are starting a new winning streak for Pong A Long picks. This weeks game: Bears -12.5 vs Cardinals +12.5
    We really drilled this game down to the essentials and took a look at just the facts, and the most important fact is the quarterbacks.

    Chicago Bears

    Rex Grossman runs the squad and has started since he came into the league, and has played 13 games over 4 seasons. While Rex may be the key to the offense, Kyle Orton (3rd string QB) is also prevalent in this equation. Kyle Orton knows how to party and has great experience in drinking and being drunk, see evidence below:

    Kyle Orton Wasted

    Note the full cup of Jack and slobber on his chin.

    In this picture Orton is even getting bum-drunk with what looks to be his Amish Halloween costume on:

    Kyle Orton Drunk

    Rockin a hippie shirt and a full bottle of bubbly .. The guy has moves.
    Arizona Cardinals

    Matt Leinart now runs the team and is the California Party boy who stayed an entire extra year in school just taking ballroom dancing just to get pounded by Vince Young and the Longhorns in the Championship. Leinart is also good at partying and maybe a little bit better then Orton at looking like a total goofball.
    Leinart Wasted
    Note the demon spawn of Satan that came up for the fiery magma of hell directly above him.

    This next picture shows him really good at being wasted, and a girl who is really good at making clothing out of burlap bags.

    Matt Leinart Drunk


    Both of these QBs are really good at drinking, so we had to dive into Matt Leinart's personal life ... an it was horrifying. He has dated Paris Hilton who is the world's dirtiest whore. She has ass goiters, scabies, and looks like an overgrown yard gnome. Leinart may die from full blown AIDS right there on the field.
    Hollywood Matt Leinart and Paris Hilton - Gross
    And he is personal friends with this guy:

    Nick Lachey is Gay

    Advantage Bears.

    We take the Bears -12.5

    Season Bet Record: 2-4.

    Lines courtesy of

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  • Pong A Long
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    Hello all! Many of you may know that we are based out of Buffalo, NY and we just got slammed by a snow/ice/sleet storm! This may not look bad, but the majority of the trees still have leaves, and all the snow and ice is being caught and crushing trees which then crushes houses/cars and crushing dreams. Ok maybe not dreams, but it is crushing things.

    We are one of the 220,000 without power, but the good news is that we have trekked all over North Buffalo, found power, then found cable and are huddled in a makeshift control room ... and we will not have ANY down time on orders! All orders slated to go out today will make it, how about that for customer service! Driving ban, state of emergency, no problem. However we may be a bit slow on responses, so bear with us please.

    We also bring you pictures! We posted a few up on this blog post, and even made a Flickr page for anyone who cares. Buffalo Snowstorm Pictures

    BuffaloSnowStorm BuffaloSnowStorm

    BuffaloSnowStorm BuffaloSnowStorm


    ~Pong A Long

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  • Pong A Long
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    In the spirit of October, Halloween, and the entire Jack Frost Horror movie series, we are proud to bring you new beer pong shirts! These shirts feature a bunch of uber-dorks that are trying to save the world by taking on a Keg stealing, sweaty, smarmy monster who is as slimy and disgusting as Paris Hilton in a nightclub. The odds against these two young men is astounding, and this shirt makes us think back to gym glass in 8th grade, when Mr. Wendell would put us at the center position against the starting center of the JV team who very well may have been Dikembe Mutombo in disguise.

    The shirts ship for free, and are printed on high quality Hanes (men's) or Gildan (women's) shirts. The womens shirts tend to run a little large, so get a smaller size if you are inbetween sizes and feel better about yourself for wearing a small.


    Tshirt Image

    Head over to our store to check em out! Go Dorks Go!

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