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    Pong A Long
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    Alright kiddos, Pong A Long is making it even more enjoyable to purchase one of their portable beer pong tables! Starting this (cyber) Monday, we will be giving away a pretty killer MP3 player to one lucky shopper each week. All you have to do is purchase one of our tables, and you will automatically be entered into our weekly drawing! The drawing will run into the next Sunday, and is done at complete random!

    Win an MP3 Player with purchase!!

    This week we are giving away a brand new SanDisk Sansa c140 MP3 player.


    • Depth 1.4 in
    • Width 3.1 in
    • Digital Radio tuner
    • LCD display
    • Mfr estimated battery life - 15 hour(s)
    • 1 Gig of storage
    • Voice Recorder
    • Picture/Album Cover Viewer
    Sansa c140 Player
    Read the full CNET Sansa c140 review here! This jamster even gets better reviews then our last giveaway, the second generation Ipod Shuffle!
    Sansa c140 Player Side View
    For more information please reference our Holiday Helper Giveaway Page.
    Good Luck, Happy Cyber Monday from Pong A Long Beer Pong Tables!

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  • Pong A Long
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    If last week's snoozefest '06 was the "injury bowl", this week we have the "recovery bowl". Seattle is getting back their two superstars, Shawn Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck, while the Packers are welcoming Brett Farve back into gameplay. Seahawks -10 vs. Packers +10.

    Both teams have been less then impressive this year, Brett "Father Time" Farve has lead his team to a 4-6 record while Mike "The Stache" Holmgren has coached his squad to a 6-4 record.

    Speaking of mustaches, here is our list of the top NFL coach mustaches, for no reason at all:

    The Top NFL Coach Mustaches

    5 Tony Dungy - Colts

    Tony Dungy Mustache

    4. Mike Holmgren - Seahawks

    Mike Holmgren Mustache

    3. Andy Reid - Eagles

    Andy Reid Mustache

    2. Bill Cowher - Steelers

    Bill Cowher Mustache

    1. Jeff Fisher - Titans

    Jeff Fisher Mustache
    And of course Mike McCarthy, head coach of the Packers, cannot grow a mustache, so we take the Seahawks -10.

    Season Bet Record: 5-7

    Lines courtesy of

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  • Pong A Long
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    Portable is the new black they say....maybe we just made that up. You may have heard around the water cooler that we have some new beer pong tables just in time for the holidays. Or perhaps you just got hit with our barrage of MySpace spam-a-haul. Whatever the case, you're bound to be pleased by our new offering.

    8' Portable Pro

    This new fella, dubbed the 8' Portable Pro, is the perfect blend of portability and function. It is agile enough to fold up into a 2' x 2' brief case, and manly enough to extend to a woman pleasing 8' long.

    8' Portable Pro Folded Up!

    You thought our best selling 7' beer pong table was portable, wait until you get your hands on this gem. It is also tricked out with some new graphical goodness, and all of our models are sporting an improved printing process which gives the design superior durability.

    You know us, and you know we have the best tables at the lowest prices anywhere in the world. We'll put an end to our yammering and let you get on over to the cart to pick up a fresh 7' portable beer pong table or an 8' portable pro table. Heck, 'tis the season for giving! So pick up a couple and make you dude bro or home girl sick with happiness this Christmas.

    Head to the store
    Demo the tables
    Check out some table photos
    Head out to MySpace

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  • Pong A Long
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    MadTV isn't that great, but Aries Spears sure is. We don't mean to sound like Kosmo Kramer, but those black sketch comedians are just funnier at doing celebrity impressions. Sure that fat guy on SNL gets the voice down pretty good, but he is no Aries Spears. Listen, learn and laugh at these knee slapper Aires Spears impressions.

    5. Short but sweet, kind of like our sexy time
    Can't display file

    4. Good, but honestly, who can't imitate Mike Tyson?
    Can't display file

    3. C.R.A.P.

    Can't display file

    2. Great LL Cool J/Snoop/DMX/Jay-Z impression
    Can't display file

    1. Greater LL Cool J/Snoop/DMX/Jay-Z impression

    Can't display file

    If you have better Aries Spears Impression Video, comment right here, and you could be in line for a prize!

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  • Pong A Long
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    Pong A Long wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving that is full of Turkey, Detroit Lions touchdowns, Tryptophan, the NFL network showing on your local cable provider, all mixed around with mashed potatoes and smothered in gravy - with extra gravy, and a side dish of gravy.

    Turkey Beer Pong!

    Happy Thanksgiving from your favorite Beer Pong Table Providers!

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  • Pong A Long
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    Pong A Long's First Birthday!

    It has officially been one year now that Pong A Long Beer Pong Tables has taken our portable beer pong tables off the streets and onto the InterWeb! Our dynamic digital dashboard of a website has now been kickin out the sales for an entire year, along with a flurry of blogging, pictorials, sports betting, prize giving, top video creating, and mild bouts of insanity. Have a looksey back at our first blog post ... my .. how we have since grown in our comedic skills.
    Thanks to all of our loyal customers for keeping us going, and thanks to all our friends and family for support! Wah wah wah ... lets celebrate like men ... with Meat Cake!!

    Here is the first annual Pong A Long MEAT CAKE!!
    (Thanks to BlackWidowBakery for their invention of the meat cake)

    Meat Cake 001.jpg

    Meat Cake 003.jpg

    Meat Cake 004.jpg

    Meat Cake 006.jpg

    Meat Cake 007.jpg

    Meat Cake, because regular cake is for women.

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  • Pong A Long
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    Injury Bowl 2006 is taking place this coming Monday, Giants -4 vs. Jaguars +4.

    Byron Leftwich is getting his ankle surgurized to remove bone spurs, Sam Madison has a bad hamstring, Michael Strahan has a mid foot sprain, Amani Toomer is out for the season with a torn knee ligament, LaVar Arrington has a torn Achilles tendon, Osi Umenyiora has a hip flexor Luke Petitgout has a broken leg, even Tiki Barber has a boo-boo on his finger.

    Well at least we can look at this picture of the self proclaimed "Mr. Nickels" and throughly enjoy his hair:

    Mr. Nickels

    We take the severly injured Giants -4Season Bet Record: 5-6.

    Lines courtesy of

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  • Pong A Long
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    The Fall Brawl contest has ended and we have a new winner.

    1st Place:
    Dave wins with the following picture of a flock of guys, girls, a Pong A Long Beer Pong Table and a buncha yellow cups:

    Sun, Girls and Pong
    Dave wins a brand new 1 gig Ipod shuffle!

    Honorable mention:
    Jason sent us this picture of a Pong A Long Beer Pong Shirt and some Miller Light Refs. Since when can Miller Light refs knock down Dasani on the job? P.S -cut your nails woman.
    Miller Light Girls!
    Jason wins a brand new Pong A Long Beer Pong T-Shirt!
    Dis-Honorable mention:
    Kyle sent us this picture. What the hell?

    Cigar Clown

    Thanks for all those who competed! If you didn't win, don't be discouraged, just think up plans to win our next beer pong contest!

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  • Pong A Long
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    Nobody can deny it, tazer gun video are hysterical. So we are jumping on the bandwagon and bringing you the 5 top tazer gun videos.

    Warning: some of these tazer gun videos are very graphic and extremely funny. To get the best experience, please turn up your volume and prepare for the top tazer clips!

    5. Like a sack of potatoes

    Can't display file

    4. Guy gets tazered for sitting down on a chair. Guy cries. Cop tells him to sit down on the chair.

    Can't display file

    3. Pack of idiots with a pack of weapons. ... Sweet Home Alabama ...

    Can't display file

    2. The all time best tazer soundclip
    Can't display file

    1. This guy is our hero. The undisputed best tazer video of all time
    Can't display file

    If you have better Tazer Gun Video, comment right here, and you could be in line for a prize!

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  • Pong A Long
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    That's it folks! The submissions are in and the contest is officially closed. We will be getting back to you with a winner shortly and they will be able to start jamming on their brand new ipod shuffle!


    For those of you who were totally lazy missed out, stay tuned for the next giveaway coming up shortly!

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