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    Liddell vs Ortiz

    Chuck "The Iceman" Lidell vs. Tito "The Huntington Beach Badboy" Ortiz

    Chuck Lidell was raised by grizzy bears and is the manliest man since Chuck Norris. Tito Ortiz got his nickname from when he used to work at a tanning parlor in Huntington Beach and overcharge for sprays of coconut oil. Seriously, "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy"? Really Tito? Really? God, I hate his big stupid head. Tito weighs in at 210 lbs, and at least 170 of that comes from that freakin noggin. Dude, you are not that sweet, and while yeah Jenna Jameson is hot and all, do you really want to take that thing home to your mother. Half of the men on earth have spilled DNA all over that face, and with a quick Google search you can see her play "hide the fist" with another girl. We take Chuck in a knockout victory, and hope that the knockout includes death. P.S. At least Chuck Lidell is nice to his fans (thanks Shoe), while Tito is a stuck up floozy.

    Predicted Winner: Chuck Lidell

    Griffin vs. Jardine

    Forrest "The Iceman" Griffin vs. Keith "The Dean of Mean" Jardine

    Forrest Griffin pretty much beat Tito Ortiz before so he is ok by us. Keith Jardine has ears that look like rotten cabbage, so he kinda freaks us out. Keith, please know that your nickname should be less then four words, and that you should change "Dean" to "Queen" because then it sounds like a knee-slapping CBS sitcom.

    Predicted Winner: Forrest "No Nickname" Griffin

    Bisping vs. Schafer

    Michael "The Count" Bisping vs. Eric "Ravishing Red" Schafer

    If you ever saw "The Ultimate Fighter" you know that Bisping trains in the woods doing pushps on trees, kicking mountain lions in their nostrils, and punching rocks until it turns into gravel. His day job is to be the Supreme Overlord of Awesomeness, and when he farts the locals have to hide in their basements due to its nerve-gas like properties. Oh yeah, and Eric "Ravishing Red" Schafer. Whoops, I forgot about him. He is like that one kid on your high school sports team that give himself his own lame-o nickname. "Ravishing Red"? That sounds like a porno name. How is anyone supposed to fear that? "O no, watch out for little Eric, he may ravish you with his good looks and Stetson Cologne!"

    Predicted Winner: Michael "The Count" Bisping

    Arlovski vs. Cruz

    Andrei "The Pitbull" Arlovski vs. Marcio "Pe De Pano" Cruz

    Andrei Arlovski has fangs for mouthguards and used to be the champ until he lost to a fat roided out freak of nature. Marcio on the other hand has a nickname that you have to translate, and only 3 career fights. This is going to the the battle of the beards, and any idiot can see that Arlovski's beard is thicker, fuller, and possibly softer then "the Pano's".

    Predicted Winner: Andrei "The Pitbull" Arlovski

    Leben vs. MacDonald

    Chris "The Crippler" Leben vs. Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald

    Hey Jason "The Athlete", nice to know you are into sports! I have one thing to show you and it is Chris Leben's Tattoo on his back:

    Chris Leben Tattoo
    Be scared "Athlete", be very scared.

    Predicted Winner: Chris "The Crippler" Leben

    We Here at Pong A Long also have a little party each UFC fight and have our own UFC drinking game. We fill out a scorecard for each fight carefully choosing each fighter. Rules are simple, if your fighter loses, then you have to take the associated shot. The shots have to be as bad as possible. You can change fighters once they come out, but then you are double or nothing on that shot. (Example: I pick Lidell, but he comes out and looks like he was boozing all night, then I can change to Ortiz, but when he gets KO'ed i now have to take two of the associated shots) Warning, this UFC drinking game is not fun if you suck at picking winners.
    Our scorecard and associated shots can be found here which is in the form of an excel Spreadsheet.


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    This weeks YouTube Friday Five takes us to the world of beer pong trick shots. We have diligently filtered through all the lame-o beer pong trick shots on YouTube, and selected our top five favorite montages. These are the craziest beer pong shots on the web to date babyyy. So site back, relax, and watch the best beer pong trick shots on YouTube!

    5. This guys handle is "Scurt McGuirt", that alone gets him in the top 5five crazy beer pong shots. P.S. - Tell your mom she has a nice kitchen
    Can't display file

    4. We have tracked down the "Star Ward Kid" and found that he now shoots track beer pong shots for a living. and that his room is a pigsty
    Can't display file

    3. These guys from CNU shoot a pretty nasty trick shot. Plus they got bonus points for using Reggie and the Full Effect instead of Nickelback like the rest of these cats.
    Can't display file

    2. These crazy beer pong shots look like what the song says ... tricky.
    Can't display file

    1. We don't know which combo was better, maybe you can help us decide.
    a) The intro with the Honda Accord/Dodge Stratus/Mitsubishi Diamante
    b) The pink bathroom with the purple carpets
    Either way this has to be the best beer pong trick shot video! Someone should hook these guys up with the beer pong song people who sing "Pull it when I hit it"
    Can't display file

    If you have a better beer pong trick shot video please comment right here, and you could be in line for a free prize from your fav providers of Beer Pong Tables!

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    Happy Jesus's Birthday to all you beer pong fans. We wish you the best of health, best of times, and best of aim for those holiday beer pong shots!

    Hair for the Holidays!
    Merry Christmas from Pong A Long!

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    This week's matchup pits two quarterback gems against each other who are more suited to play in the CFL up in America North. The Monday night game is Jets +2.5 vs Dolphins -2.5.

    Joey Harrington taking a Quick Look in the Mirror

    Joey Harrington is a chronic loser with a case of loseritis. A list of Joey's attributes:

    • Good at losing
    • Girlish Smile
    • Plays just good enough to keep a job and ruin teams entire seasons
    • The "Dude" factor

    Chad Pennington Should Not be allowed Children
    Chad Pennington is a chronic hospital patient with a case of injuryitis. A list of Chad's attributes:

    • Arm as strong as a wet noodle
    • Uncanny ability to always look bewildered
    • Only player in the NFL to know all NYC surgeons by a first name basis
    • The inability to throw further then 15 yards, or faster then 15 miles per hour

    We really just hate Joey Harrington, and think the Jets suck just a little bit less, and take the Jets +2.5.

    Joey, quit football and just go try out for a role in the OC, then when you get cut from that, just resort to hanging out at the local elementary school to sniff bicycle seats. We hate you, go away.

    Season Bet Record: 8-8

    Lines courtesy of

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    Warning! These clips are the worst and most brutal leg injury videos that have ever occurred. If you are faint of heart please do not watch. These videos include knee injuries on film, and leg break videos. If you have read this disclaimer and still want to see Gorefest2005, then on to the leg destruction videos!
    5. The only reason that this leg injury video even made the countdown is because it is to Joe Theisman. Man does Theisman suck at being a broadcaster. We just bookmarked this page and just watch LT smash bone whenever Theisman gets all righteous on MNF.
    Can't display file

    4. He really gets some power behind this kick ... next time trying kicking the ball though bro.
    Can't display file

    3. This was brutal because most of us watched it live, and because we are writing this post from Buffalo. One of the all time worst knee injuries because of the video quality and angles.
    Can't display file

    2. This leg injury video may have recorded the grossest step that has ever been taken by any human. So unbelievably disgusting...
    Can't display file

    1. The slow motion leg dangle is unmatched. Ever since watching this leg break video, we wear shin guards 24/7, and boy do they smell fresh!
    Can't display file

    If you have better leg injury video please comment right here, and you could be in line for a free prize from your fav Portable Beer Pong Table Providers!

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    Best Peyton Manning Picture Ever

    Peyton vs. Palmer
    Harrison vs. Ocho Cinco

    Wayne vs. Houshmandzadeh

    Addai vs. Rudi

    Colts -3.5 vs Bengals +3.5

    Yahoo! This is by far the best Monday night game of the year!

    The Colts are coming off of two straight losses, and the Bengals are in line for five straight wins.

    We here at Pong A Long like the Colts to bounce back and cover the spread. We take the Colts -3.5.

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    Happy Holidays

    The Holidays are rapidly approaching, and our elves are shipping out tables everyday! All of our featured tables are still IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP!

    Our magical date for ground shipping has expired, and now we are proud to offer 3 day select shipping that will cut down UPS transit time to a mere 3 days! This beer pong table shipping option will ensure that if your order is placed before December 19th (before 10AM eastern standard time) with 3-day select shipping, UPS should have a fresh table at your door on the 22nd!

    UPS states that transit time on ground orders in the Northeastern Region are just as fast with average transit times of 1 to 2 days. However, we do not condone relying on the UPS ground schedule, nor do we condone swimming after large meals, walking on train tracks, unprotected sex, or watching any movie that stars Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    We ship all orders via UPS, and have a variety of shipping options in our shopping cart. Our shipping options are:

    • Ground (unless you are in Northeast US it may not arrive before December 22nd)
    • 3-day select (should arrive before December 22nd if order before December 19th @ 10 AM EST)
    • 2nd day air (should arrive before December 22nd if order before December 20th @ 10 AM EST)
    • Next day air (should arrive before December 22nd if order before December 21st @ 10 AM EST)

    View our beer pong tables right now!

    Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!

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    This week's YouTube Friday Five takes a look at at the top alligator attack videos on the web today. We hand picked the gnarliest alligator attacks on humans, rabbits, even dogs (well kinda). Sit back, relax and enjoy the power of the beast and learn how alligators attack!

    5. Ok, so its not really a Alligator Attack, but he says that its just the "Gator doin the Gator"
    Can't display file

    4. Target Acquired ... and its a bunny
    Can't display file

    3. This alligator attack on a gazelle turns into Gorefest 2005.
    Can't display file

    2. May be a fake video, but it is still amazing.
    Can't display file

    1. Waning: This alligator attack is extra gory and extra awesome.
    Can't display file

    If you have better alligator attack video please comment right here, and you could be in line for a free prize from your fav Beer Pong Table Supplier!

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    3 golden tickets. Like 3 lucky bolts of lightning waiting to strike. Well winner number two of our weekly holiday giveaway has just been randomly chosen! Remember that just by purchasing a portable beer pong table during the month of December you are automatically entered to win one of three great prizes!

    Congratulation go out to....

    Week 2 Winner
    Beth E.
    from Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

    iPod Shuffle

    You've won a 1st generation 512MB iPod Shuffle! So shines a good deed in a weary world. Don't fret people, there is still another random drawing to be had next week. If you snag a table from our store, you just might land yourself a 1 Gig Sansa c230 mp3 player for your troubles.

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    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays! Our Tables are IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP! We will get your table out in time for the Holidays!

    We are going to use this post to be your resource for our Holiday Beer Pong Table Shipping! We ship all orders out everyday if received by 10 AM eastern standard time, or next business day if recieved after 10 AM eastern standard time.

    We ship all orders via UPS, and have a variety of shipping options in our shopping cart. Our shipping options are:

    • Ground
    • 3-day select
    • 2nd day air
    • Next day air

    Our most popular (and cheapest) shipping selection for our beer pong tables is ground.

    For Ground Orders:

    To receive your table by December 22nd (Last day UPS delivers before Christmas and last day of Hanukkah) please ensure that your order is placed by December 15th before 10 AM eastern standard time.

    We even have placed a cute little icon on our site to help you remember when to order by if shipping ground:


    Our estimated shipping time in transit for ground beer pong table shipping can be found below:

    Beer Pong Table Shipping Transit Time

    For Three Day Select Orders:

    To receive your table by December 22nd (Last day UPS delivers before Christmas and the last day of Hanukkah) please ensure that your order is placed by December 18th before 10 AM eastern standard time.

    Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!

    Lets help spread Beer Pong for the Holidays with our Beer Pong Tables and Beer Pong Shirts!

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