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    Pong A Long
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    Condom makers, and safe sex supporters make some of the funniest commercials out there. This week we bring you the cream of the crop of condom commercials, no pun intended.

    5. Banned Commercial for Flavored Condoms
    Get it? Har Har.

    Can't display file 4. Funny Hidden Condom Commercial
    Have to hide a condom quick? Do what this guy does.

    Can't display file 3. My Mommy Said Yes!
    This little guy can do whatever he wants ... I wonder why?

    Can't display file 2. Why You Should Always Wear a Condom
    One of the most compelling condom commercials out there.

    Can't display file 1. The Ultimate Man Condom Commercial
    Some guys will do anything to no wear a condom, this guy however simply can't ... you wouldn't understand.

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