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    So each week we bet “play” money on a few games. For our rules please see our first Pong A Long Picks Post.

    Last week we split our games and ended up a whopping up $2.27 on the week, and down $40.50 down on the year.  Hey, at least we finally ended up having a positive week.  Now to keep this streak going.

    Houston Texans vs. Atlanta Falcon

    Matt Schaub … One Ugly QB

    Sure, Matt Schaub looks like a drunken Zombie, but he is playing against his former team who started a dog killer over him.  Watch for a monster (no zombie pun intended) game from Schaub.

    Houston Texans -3 (-105) vs. Atlanta Falcons
    $20 to win $19.05

    New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills

    Trent Edwards … Just Put Up Points Buddy!

    The Rookie Trent Edwards has to be better than JP Losman, and we have him leading the hometown Bills to score one touchdown and one field goal.  That said ... we think the Jets will score at least 28 against what most people consider to be the worst team in the NFL.

    New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills Over 37½
    $25 to win $22.73

    Philadelphia Eagles  vs. New York Giants

    The Eagles Super Ugly Uniforms

    The Eagles go from one bad defense to another.  The Eagles should run/throw all over the NY defense, and win easily.  Plus this week they can do it without the hideous uni's.

    Philadelphia Eagles -3  (EVEN) vs. New York Giants
    $20 to win $20

    Total risk $70.00 to win $66.78


    * Overall Week 4 “Play” Money Placed: $70.00 to win $66.78

    *Money Left in the Bank:  $209.50

    * Season Overall Win/Loss: -42.77

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    In case you have been hiding under a rock somewhere for the past 3 months, you may not have heard about Tay Zonday's ballad "Chocolate Rain". If you haven't get off this site and go check it now. If you have, well we have a list of the top chocolate rain remixes for you. From NES remixes to Star Wars, we have all the bases covered, and are proud to present you with the top Chocolate Rain Remixes!

    5. The 50 cent "In Da Chocolate Rain" Remix
    This jam is a few years out of date, but is pulled off well. Who better to do a duet with Fity than Tay?

    4. The "His XLNC" Remix - The Calming Chocolate Rain
    Seeing how Chocolate Rain is so goddamn repetitive you would think that it would do nothing but irritate you. However, this XLNC character has a really good grassroots remix that it the best traditional remix out there.

    3. The Lil' John Chocolate Rain Remix
    This remix pits the ultra talented (sarcasm) Lil John with Zonday in an epic version of Chocolate Rain filled with an asscrop of YEAHH's and OKK's.

    2. The Darth Vader Remix
    This remix features the dark overlord busting out some Chocolate Rain jams. Seeing as we just switched over to the darkside with our stealth beer pong tables, we had to kep this one in the top two, and deservedly so.

    1. The 8bit Chocolate Rain Remix
    This is by far the most creative (and most catchy) remix of all. This remix features unparalled MIDI like tunes and has Mega Man in the graphics. A must have ringer for the ages.

    Bonus Vid:
    This didn't really count as a remix because it is the same exact song, but it is done on Guitar Hero. If this isn't too geek to break your computer, we don't know what is.

    Thanks for watchin! Tune in next Friday for next week's Top Five!

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     Last week we split our games and ended down $5.95 on the week, and down $42.77 down on the year.  To get back even, we are takin it to the streets and bettin big in week three.

    Game 1: Detroit Lions vs. Philadelphia Eagles
    Jon Kitna’s Sweaty Head
    Detroit Lions  (Win Outright) vs. Philadelphia Eagles

    Risk $5.00 to win $10.25

    John Kitna is a flat  out stud with that bic-ed head and has a wide selection to throw to.  We like them to win outright.


    Game 2:  St. Louis Rams vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

    Stephen Jackson - The Predator

    St. Louis Rams +4 (-115) vs.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Risk $20.00 to win $17.39

    Stephen Jackson (aka The Predator) should tear this week up, and love the Rams getting four points.


    Cinicinnati Bengals vs. Seattle Seahawks 

    Ocho Cinco - Chad Johnson’s Mohawk

    Cincinnati Bengals +3 (EVEN) vs.  Seattle Seahawks

    Risk $25.00 to win $25.00

    Ocho Cinco and the Hooshman should out sling the 'hawks ... or hopefully lose by less than three.


    Dallas Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears 

     Terrell Owens and a Hot Chick

    Dallas Cowboys +3 vs. Chicago Bears

    Risk $30.00 to win $27.27

    This seems like an even matchup, but what the hell .. TO is with that hot chick, and the Cowboys are getting points so what the hell.

    $80.00 to win $79.66


    * Overall Week 3 “Play” Money Placed: $80.00 to win $79.66

    * Remaining Money in the Back: $127.23

    * Season Overall Win/Loss: -42.77

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    Didn't think Home Shopping Television wasn't fun? Well check out this killer QVC blooper videos!

    5) Battery Fire Video
    This product looks amazing, so easy to use that a woman can almost use this!

    4) QVC Horse/Butterfly Video
    This video clip really makes you wonder how some people can be so stupid, yet stay employed.

    3) QVC Ladder Fall Video
    Wow. This dude takes a serious tumble.

    2) Home Shopping Ladder Fall Video 2
    This guy has a whole lot of faith in this product. The best part is when he gets on top and thinks this crumbling product just "locked into place"

    1) Samurai Sword Home Shopping Blooper Video
    This is far and away the best QVC blooper ever. This smarmy sales guy really gets what is coming to him.

    Until next time! Farewell from your friendly local beer pong table distributor!

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    So each week we bet “play” money on a few games. For our rules please see our first Pong A Long Picks Post.

    Last week even though we picked two correct game winners but went 1 for 3 against the spread for a total of -$36.82 dollars.  Not the start we had wanted.  In Week 2 we are only placing two bets for $45.

    Game 1 - Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins

    Tony Romo - Lookin wayyy out of place

    Dallas Cowboys +3 (-105) vs. Miami Dolphins -3

    Risk $20.00 to win $19.05

    Tony Romo and T.O. haven’t had a falling out yet, and they will be too much to stop for Grandpa Trent Green and the hapless Dolphins.


    Game 2 -New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Jeff Garcia - Lookin Good

    New Orleans Saints +4 (-105) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -4

    Risk $25.00 to win $23.81


    Jeff Garcia and his broke-down Cadillac are no match for a Saints Offense that is just waiting to explode after last week’s pitiful performance.  Look for a blowout here.



    * Overall Week 2 “Play” Money Placed: $45.00 to win $42.86

    * Remaining Money in the Back: $168.18

    * Overall Win/Loss: -36.82

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    Womens Beer Pong Tshirt

    Pong A Long is proud to offer our most popular designs in new women’s sizes! Well actually we haven’t found a quality tshirt maker for women’s sizes, but took a consensus to find the best shirt for girls.

    Womens Pirate Beer Pong Tshirt

    The winner was far and away the Youth sizes for boys. The advantage that the youth sizes had were smaller sleeves, and thinner waistlines. The Youth Large is equivalent to Women’s Medium, and the Youth Medium is equivalent to Women’s Small.

    Our Pong A Long Pirate Beer Pong T-shirt and our Spartan Beer Pong Tshirt are the newest additions to our Women’s Beer Pong Clothing line. So if you are a chick that loves beer pong and wants to flaunt her stuff, head over to our beer pong store, and check out our new beer pong tshirts!

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    So each week we bet “play” money on a few games. For our rules please see our first Pong A Long Picks Post.

    We wanted to really make a splash in Week One and bet $75 over three games. Yeah, that’s right .. high stakes baby. our Selections:

    Game 1:

    Herm Edwards Being Herm Edwards

    Kansas City Chiefs +3 (-105) vs. Houston Texans -3

    Risk $30.00 to win $28.57

    We watched the Chiefs HBO special and were pretty impressed. Not really with the Chiefs per say, but really with the quality of programming that HBO continues to pump out. Houston has a new QB, an old RB, and an average defense, so we will take those Chiefs as they are getting the points.


    Game 2:
    Travis Henry and 1/2 His Kids

    Denver Broncos -3 (-120) vs. Buffalo Bills +3

    Risk $25.00 to win $20.83

    We hate to go against the hometown team here, but ever since finding out that Travis Henry has 9 children with 9 different women, we have to think that he is going to do his all to earn each of those paychecks. The Bills D has looked terrible this pre-season, look for Walker and Marshall to abuse the secondary.

    Game 3:

    McCown at Prom - How Cute

    Detroit Lions +2½ vs. Oakland Raiders -2½

    Risk $20.00 to win $18.18

    Josh McNown is leading the worst team in the NFL last year against the Lions’ potentially powerful offense. We wouldn’t have bet this one if Culpepper was in there, but it should be a gimme getting the points going against Suck McNown.

    Andddd we’re off to another Pong A Long Picks Season! Wish us luck!



    * Overall “Play” Money Placed: $75.00 to win $67.58

    * Remaining Money in the Back: $175.00

    * Overall Win/Loss: N/A

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    NFL Picks have Begun!

    Welcome once again to another dismal season of Pong A Long predicting the outcome of games. Last year we picked the Monday Night game each week and came out with a winning 9-8 record. Seeing how unbelievably successful we were, we decided to kick it up a notch this season.

    Lets Make Some (Play) Money Baby!

    This year, we will bet “play” money each week and hopefully be millionaires by the season end (or at least marginally ahead). We will start with $250 and pick up to three games each week so you can regularly tune in to watch our unbelievable success. We get all of our lines from Bodog, and will update you by at least Saturday each week!
    So tune in each week to see how we bet, and how we do!

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