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    So each week we bet “play” money on a few games. For our rules please see our first Pong A Long Picks Post.

    Last week we scored a nice little win, and we are going to build on it this week. Once again this week, we are only picking one game.

    New Orleans Saints -3 (EVEN) vs. San Francisco 49ers

    Drew Bress and his Mole look onwards

    Drew Brees and his crew should be able to outscore these 49ers now that they are finally clicking, and we like them to win by a touchdown and cover the spread, and help us get our green back.

    New Orleans Saints -3 (EVEN) vs. San Francisco 49ers

    Risk $25.00 to win $25.00

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    Since the newest Radiohead CD "In Rainbows" released in spectacular fashion recently, we here at Pong A Long decided to dedicate this Friday Five to the top 5 Radiohead Videos.

    5. No Surprises

    4. Pyramid Song

    3. Just

    2. Street Spirit

    1. Paranoid Android

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    So each week we bet “play” money on a few games. For our rules please see our first Pong A Long Picks Post.

    Last week we continued our losing streak by blowing two more games and losing another $30 bucks.  To get back on track we are going to play it safe and take a no brainer.

    Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Is That Payton Manning?

    Last week the Jag dealt us a blow, and this week we are going to get them back.  The point spread was Indy -3.5 and we are buying a half point just to get that push if they only win by three.  Payton and his crew are coming off a bye, and should be healed up nicely.

    Indianapolis Colts -3 (-135) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Everyone loves it when someone gets kicked in the nuts, unless you are on the receiving end. We went out and rounded up the gnarliest kicked in the nuts ever, we guarantee that all of these videos will make your stomach turn (well, that is if you have balls and have ever been kicked in them).

    5. Fake Steve-O Gets Kicked in the Nuts
    This little turd gets a serious kick to the jewels.

    4. Flying Kick To The Nuts
    A swinging kick to the nuts/midsection looks like it really hurts

    3. Kung Fu Kick in the Nuts
    This girl really gives this guy a swift kick to the groin.

    2. Premeditated Kick in the Nuts
    You have to admit, this kid deserved it.

    1. Revenge: The Kick to the Nuts
    This guy will never walk into the house the same way again.

    So guys, next time someone is out to get you .. wear a cup. Tune in next week for Pong A Long's YouTube Friday Five!

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    We're starting a new tradition around here of honoring our monthly PAL Army sales leader with a short write up and some free swag.

    Our first MVP goes to our boy Nick @ Winona State University in Minnesota! We recently got together with Nick the sales stud and picked his brain for some tips to help out the other Army members.

    PAL: How do you do it, what's your secret?

    Nick: I don't really have a secret. However, I really take the "tips of the week" into consideration.

    PAL: How many points do you think it will take to be MVP next month?

    Nick: Maybe 35-40 total for next month. I think that 20 points a month is a good goal to aim for.

    PAL: Why 20pts?

    Nick: I think that 5 points a week is a good goal to aim for. It is reachable, and not overly aggressive

    PAL: What are you saving up your points for?

    Nick: I want the XBOX 360 as of now, but I still might change my mind.

    PAL: What? No Nintendo Wii or Ipod?

    Nick: Hell no, I want the best prize that is offered, plus I already have an MP3 player

    PAL: Any tips to earn points?

    Nick: Put the coupons in places that force people to look at them, be creative.

    PAL: Any suggestions?

    Nick: Near school newspaper stands, by clocks in class rooms, on desk chairs.

    PAL: Why do you think you are the MVP?

    Nick: I think I am the MVP because I do not half ass anything, go all out or get the hell out.

    PAL: Do chicks dig you b/c you're a Pong A Long rep?

    Nick: Well, I have a girl friend and she has been very helpful with helping me promote the tables. But the answer is yes, women literally throw them selves at me just knowing I'm a Pong A Long rep.

    PAL: What's the hardest part about being a Pong A Long Army Member?

    Nick: The hardest / funest is earning points, once you get your groove down its all cake from there.

    PAL: What's the best part about being a Pong A Long Army Member?

    Promoting a product and seeing results, everyone got their t-shirts and bumper stickers. The next step is getting that prize you are aiming for.

    Thanks, and way to go Nick!


    Support Nick and the entire PAL Army, pick up your portable beer pong table today!

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    So each week we bet “play” money on a few games. For our rules please see our first Pong A Long Picks Post.

    Last week, we took our resident NFL betting expert out of commission and brought in a rookie to make the picks.  Different gambler, same results ... and Pong A Long lost another $41.82.  So now we have the Pong A Long Expert NFL gambler back in the saddle and are set to win back all of our money.

    Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    Ocho Cinco Putting the Ball

    The Chiefs have been hurting offensively this year, and we hope this continues and the rested Johnsons  from Cincy run all over that KC defense.

    Cincinnati Bengals (-3) vs. Kansas City Chiefs
    $25.00 to win $25.00

    Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Travis Johnson After a Knee to Trent Green’s Head

    The Texans are looking good on defense, and have an offense that can play, and we think that at +7 they are much to underrated this week, and like them to win outright against the Jags.

    Houston Texans (win outright) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
    $5.00 to win$11.75

    This week is the week when it all gets turned around, and Pong A Long starts sticking it to the man!  Hold on to your seats!

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     To Celebrate the release of the newest Electric Six CD "I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master" Pong A Long is going all E6 on your ass.  Electric Six is a critically acclaimed band from Detroit, that rocks so hard that most people just can't fathom their awesomeness.  Led by singer Dick Valentine, they rock out about Nuclear War, Dancing, and Political Matters (seriously).  And here are the top five Electric Six Videos of all time!

    5) Infected Girls

    4) Rubber Rocket

    3) I Buy the Drugs

    2) Danger! High Voltage!

    1) Dance Commander

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    So each week we bet “play” money on a few games. For our rules please see our first Pong A Long Picks Post.

    Last week, our Pong A Long Picks Betting "Expert" lost all three games losing $70.00 going down $112.70 on the season.. This made the entire Pong A Long Team riot, which led to an eventual munity, and now we have the most inept, inexperienced sports better on our crew making all the calls. This move may be good if we were betting on Star Wars, Halo 3 battles, or Vulcan Translation, but this is football, and these picks will make any football fan cringe:

    Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    Our new resident expert probably didn't know that Damon Huard is finally clicking or that D. Bowe is a receiving beast, and decided to go with the Jacksonville Jaguars. And to cap it off the Chiefs are at home and getting points, does this matter? Not to him!

    Jacksonville Jaguars -2 vs. KC Chiefs
    $20 to win $18.18

    Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams

    Anquan Boldin is out, and the Cardinas don't have a decisive QB and are on the road playing a team that is hungry for a win. Does that stop our new geek picker .. of course not!

    Arizona Cardinals -3.5 vs. St. Louis Rams
    $20 to win $18.18

    Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

    Yes, the Packers started the season unbeaten. Yes, the Bears are in a bit of a slump. But they are still the NFC champs from a year ago, and are going up against an offense that doesn't even have a 100 yard rusher on the season. O yeah, and they have to win by more than a field goal to beat the spread. This should be good.

    Green Bay Packers -3.5 vs. Chicago Bears
    $20 to win $18.18

    Buffalo Bills vs. Dallas Cowboys

    This could be the worst bet in sports betting history. The Bills defense is in worse disarray than Britney's career, and are ranked 32nd (dead last) in the NFL. They are going up against Tony Romo and the Cowboys who have the first ranked offense in the league. So what do we think will happen? Scoring bonanza? Nope, we take the under. Wow.

    Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills Under 45
    $20 to win $18.18

    That's It folks, all of our remaining money is going right down the toilet. Sit back and enjoy our pain!

    Total Risk $80.00 to win $72.72


    * Overall Week 4 “Play” Money Placed: $80.00 to win $72.72

    *Money Left in the Bank: $59.50

    * Season Overall Win/Loss: -$112.70

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    So if you haven't seen the HBO show "Flight of the Conchords" you have been missing out on solid jams, and quality entertainment. The show is derived from the song-writing/stand-up of Jermaine and Brett, two singers from New Zealand who make up the band "The Flight of the Conchords". The songs in the show are catchier than HIV and they all have a different style. We are proud to present the 5 best Flight of the Conchords songs from Season 1!

    5. Ladies of the World
    Coming near the end of the season, this tune talks about making love, not war.

    4. If You're Into It
    Brett decides to make a super catchy song about his feelings for his girl.

    3. Bowies In Space
    This entire Flight of the Conchords episode revolved around David Bowie, and this song is out of this world!

    2. You're So Beautiful
    One of the top songs on the show, and maybe one of the top songs ever.

    1. Business Time
    That's why they call them business socks ... EEEeeWWW!

    If you are still looking for more catchy jams, check out last weeks Chocolate Rain Remixes, or just go buy a beer pong table, see ya next week!



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