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    These video clips might not be for the faint of heart, but are totally for the connoisseurs of awesome. Flying kicks, spinning jumpkicks and nothing but knockouts. We hand picked these gems and have crowned them the Five Most Awesome Jumpkicks Ever. Buckle up and watch some feet fly.

    5. Little Kid Jumpkick Knockout
    These little kids are in a demonstration and one lands a strong kick to the face, sadly he never recovers. Watch for the guy in the blue belt to be in the UFC soon.

    4. Flying Back Kick KO
    When sparring one guy does a flying spinning kick to the face and drops him real hard.

    3. MMA Spinning Jumpkick Knockout

    A spinning jump kick to the face during an MMA competition puts a fighter to the mat. Very lucky kick, but one hell of a knockout.

    2. Young Kid Flying Jumpkick KO
    Fighter A goes for a Van Damme kick to the face, and Fighter B counters with a Chuck Norris jump kick to the jugular.
    1. Flying Competition Jump Kick Knockout
    The most insane jump kick ever caught on tape, or at least caught on YouTube. This fight literally lasts for under two seconds. There has never been a quicker or more awesome fight.

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    Happy President's Day!  If you have a day off of school/work, follow in the footsteps of our country's leaders:

    Clinton Boozing

    George W. Bush Drinking Beer

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    Pong A Long is proud to be the official beer pong table sponsor of the Atlantic City Beer Pong Tournament!

    Atlantic City Beer Pong Tournament

    This tournament is taking place on February 9th at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, NJ.  The grand prize is $1,500, and the entries are only $35 per player with complimentary beer!

    This event is being run by Thirsty Viking Entertainment and sounds like it should be a great time, so head over and check it out!

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    So each week we bet “play” money on a few games. For our rules please see our first Pong A Long Picks Post.

    Conference Championships were just another playoff weekend, and another winning week for Pong A Long. Seeing that we built our bank account up to $242.77 from the measly $48.60 that we had on Week 14, we decided that our picking is just too good, and are risking it all. We couldn't figure out whether the Pats will use SpyGate to beat the Giants badly, or even who was going to win, so we took some bets that we thought were fairly safe. The following are the Pong A Long Picks for Super Bowl XLII.

    Brandon Jacobs Dropping A Pass

    Brandon Jacobs - Total Pass Receptions

    Over 1½ receptions (-200)

    Risk US$ 175.00 to win US$ 87.50


    Odd Jerseys on the Pats

    Player to score the First Touchdown will have an

    Odd Number Jersey -325

    Risk US$ 47.77 to win US$ 14.70

    Tom Brady MVP?

    NFL Player Props Odds to win 2008 Super Bowl XLII - MVP

    Tom Brady (NE) 1/2

    Risk US$ 20.00 to win US$ 10.00

    Total risk US$ 242.77 to win US$ 112.20

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    The winner of the January User Submitted Beer Pong Photo Contest MP3 Player Giveaway is:

    January Beer Pong Winner

    This is a pretty serious picture from some serious beer pong players. From the looks of these pictures, some beer pongers fit a Pong A Long Portable Pro Beer Pong Table on a boat during some kind of water party. Nice Work! Shoot us an email with your contact info to claim your prize.

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