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    Welcome to the March 12th edition of Pong A Links, a weekly digital dump of hot n steamy links and pics right onto your lap. On with the links!


    Here is a great reason why you should look at your logo from every angle before picking it.

    7 year old kid plays GTA IV with his grandma's car, hits 4 other cars and 2 mailboxes, then says he "does it to be hootrat for his friend."

    Next time you are going to vandalize a church make sure you take a no-doze.

    Apparenty it isn't all fun and games doing dolphin tricks.


    Rich Guy - Women Beer Googles

    Foul Balls!

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    We always catch this car driving around in Buffalo, but when we found it parked we had to snap some shots of it. The entire car is covered in New Era tags that come on new baseball caps. At least this car isn't going to rust out anytime soon...

    The New Era Car 3

    The New Era Car 1

    The New Era Car 2

    The New Era Car 4


    The New Era Car 5

    Now that is a paint job!

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    For April, and all of 2008 and Pong a Long is continuing our User Submission Photo Contests! To enter all you have to do is submit your photo (preferably beer pong related or beer pong table related) cross your fingers, and check back at the beginning of the next month!

    Creative Zen V Plus

    Each month we are going to be offering a killer prize and April's prize is a Creative Zen V Plus! Not only does this gadget play music, but also video to quench all of your digital needs.

    To see past winners please check here, and to view all user submitted photo please view this page.

    Thanks and good luck from Pong A Long!

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    This March, we were giving away a pretty sweet Creative Zen Vision Plus, and boy did we get some good user submitted photos! One picture stood out above the rest, and is in the running for picture of the year. We like to call this picture "Look How Sturdy Our Tables Are!", because obviously nobody will be looking at the Pong A Long that these two lovely ladies are perched on, you animals will just be checking them suck face.


    This could be the best product placement that we have ever seen! Thanks for the submission, you have one MP3 player headed your way!

    To see past winners please check here, and to view all user submitted photo please view this page.

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