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    Sticky floors and bacteria ridden cups not your thing? Well JVC Games Inc. is introducing "Frat Games - Beer Pong" for the Nintendo Wii in mid-July 2008. This game is the first game in a series of "Frat Party" related games from JVC Games Inc. The game will only be available via WiiWare and is not slated for release for any other gaming consoles.

    Beer Pong Practice on the Wii

    Two different versions of the game will be included: a tournament-style one to four player game and Speed Pong, designed for a quick game involving one or two players. JV Games Vice President Jag Jaeger said "We created a very accurate and realistic throw system. No buttons to time your throw with; just hold the Wii Remote like you would a normal ball and throw."

    Garage Level Beer Pong

    The game also gives player the ability to perfect different styles of beer pong shots, from the arc to the bounce and bonus points are given for perfect throws or "cherry shots." Multiple table surfaces will be available for different playing experiences.

    Bar Level Beer Pong For The Wii

    An in-depth video about the game (with super sweet music) can be found below:

    More detailed photos of this upcoming beer pong game:

    Garage Beer Pong on Wii 2Garage Beer Pong on Wii 4Bar Beer Pong On The Wii 2

    Garage Beer Pong on Wii 3Speed Beer Pong on WiiGarage Level Beer Pong 2

    JV Games, Inc. is an electronic entertainment company that develops computer, console, and handheld video games. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada; JV Games has been developing premier titles since 1989.

    "Frat Party - Beer Pong" Links:

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    Welcome to the May 21st edition of Pong A Links, a weekly digital dump of hot n steamy links and pics right onto your lap. On with the links!


    Who hates woman? This guy does.

    Paris Hilton : Vagina :: Kevin Bacon : Actors. Explained Here.

    Kid gets a call on his cellie in court (with an Akon ringtone) and answers it ...

    Bill O'Riley Freakout ... REMIX

    Like your movies extra manly? Well so do we. Here is a list of the 64 manliest movies.


    What Is This Monkey Doing?

    Mario Cart - A Game For Adults?

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    24 years ago the legal drinking age in all US states was raised to 21, and has held firm since. Recent legislation and proposed bills have fired the drinking age debate back up as 7 states have some form of proposed legislation aimed at lowering the drinking age. The rationale behind lowing the drinking age is that 18-21 year olds would have safer environments to consume alcohol, as underage alcohol consumption has been driven underground.

    States Considering Lowering The Drinking Age

    Underage consumption has not slowed, and many worry that binge drinking is occurring, and kids may not make proper choices or phone for help if problems arise
    due to the legality. A 2005 national survey concluded that 85% of 20 year old Americans had used alcohol in their lifetime. One of the largest benefits that has come since raising the legal age is traffic fatalities of those between the ages 18-20 has been cut by 13%.

    Many of the legislation is aimed at allowing military personnel the right to drink legally if they are actively enlisted. The notion of allowing the military personnel to drink legally is heating up debates within the government:

    Deputy Transportation Secretary Thomas Barrett is against the idea and stated "I hear this bandied about that if you are old enough to fight for your country, you are old enough to have a beer. I don't think it's the same type of maturity."

    Senator David Floyd is pro military personnel being allowed to drink and says its "common sense to recognize as full adults the young men and women who serve in the military."

    States Weighing Lowering Drinking Age for Military Personnel

    Wisconsin Drinking Age
    State Representative Terry Musser is sponsoring a bill that will allow troops 19 and older to drink legally. Rep. Mark Kirk says that making 21 the drinking age (implemented in 1986) has saved more than 20,000 lives a year and opposes the law.

    South Carolina Drinking Age
    Lawmakers have proposed that any military member currently enlisted, would be eligible to drink legally. State Rep. Fletcher Smith is pushing this bill and commented: "It treats our military personnel like the adults and heroes we say they are," Smith said. "If you can take a shot on the battlefield, you ought to be able to take a shot in a bar."

    Kentucky Drinking Age
    Rep. David Floyd filed a bill which would make it legal for military personnel 18 or older to drink legally. Floyd stated "What do I say to a soldier who comes back from Iraq, having served his country and asks me if he could have a beer?  I just could not possibly imagine myself saying, 'No, son. You're too young.'"

    States Weighing Lowering Drinking Age for All Citizens

    South Dakota Drinking Age
    An initiative in the works in South Dakota would allow the drinking age to be lowered to 19 for low-alcohol beer. The current initiative would not allow for any 19 or 20 year olds to partake in drinking hard liquors or beer with strong alcoholic content. Any beer with the alcoholic percentage under 3.2% would be considered a low-alcohol beer.

    Missouri Drinking Age
    A planned ballot initiative would have the legal drinking age lowered to everyone 18 and over. The Missouri 18 to Drink organization is gathering signatures and pushing forward to have the initiative on the ballots for the 2010 elections.

    Vermont Drinking Age
    A bill was approved to assign a task force to weigh the pros and cons of reducing the drinking age. The task force will make a recommendation to the state Legislature early next year.

    Minnesota Drinking Age
    State Lawmakers have introduced bills that would lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 for anyone drinking in at a place that carries a liquor license. The bill would not allow for them to buy alcohol at stores.

    The argument will still wage on, and Rep. Terry Musser (Wisconsin) may have said it best when talking about legalizing alcoholic consumption by 18-20 year old military personnel, "We're going to need a groundswell. We're going to have to have real people out there say 'enough is enough.' "

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    For May and all of 2008  Pong a Long is continuing our User Submission Photo Contests! To enter all you have to do is submit your photo (preferably beer pong related or beer pong table related) cross your fingers, and check back at the beginning of the next month!

    Creative Zen V Plus

    Each month we are going to be offering a killer prize and April's prize is a Creative Zen V Plus! Not only does this gadget play music, but also video to quench all of your digital needs.

    To see past winners please check here, and to view all user submitted photo please view this page.

    Thanks and good luck from Pong A Long!

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    This April we were giving away a Creative Zen Vision V Plus to the best photo of the month. We didn't have much competition, but a winner was crowned.

    We call it Boot Pong:

    Boot Pong - April 2008 Winner

    If you submitted this picture, then email us and we will send you out your video MP3 player, ASAP! Thanks for all those who submitted beer pong pictures!

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