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    Pong A Long
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    Playing nothing but beer pong on a beer pong table is like your uncle that has a smartphone but can’t send a text message. “I can see them but I can’t respond!?” Wake up America! This is a call to action to dust off the dice, pick up an extra 30 rack, grab some pong-balls and kick your party up a notch.

    Before we get started, let’s make it clear that Beer Pong is and always will be a sacred game of competition, pride, and blood alcohol content. What we want is to destroy the myth in the party community that beer pong tables are a one-trick pony. Think of a beer pong table as the Swiss Army Knife of partying and beer pong is your go-to-blade, but you still want those other tools. Whether you’re a professional partier, weekend warrior, or a crafty veteran, the following games are a must for any beer pong table arsenal.

    #1: Civil War

    Total Players: 6

    Supplies: Beer Pong Table, 18 solo cups, 3 pong balls.

    Introduce When:
    More players want to get involved

    Drinking Ability:
    You cannot shoot until you finish the cup drained, if you can’t finish a cup of beer then this game isn't for you.

    Civil War is a beer pong variation involving more players, more shots, and more action. The game is 3v3 (1,2,3 vs 4,5,6) and is played with three beer pong balls. Players never have to wait for anyone or anything to shoot their ball. If you have a ball, shoot away! There is no waiting for anyone or anything. Think of it like crossfire on a beer pong table: if you shoot a ball, it hits the front of the opposing team’s cup and rolls back to you, that is fair game. If it rolls off the table and you can go grab it, that’s your ball. There are no boundaries. Players 1,2, and 3 can aim at any of the opposing team’s cups. 1 can shoot at 4, 1 can shoot at 5 and 1 can shoot at 6; it doesn’t matter.

    Although this game is mostly hilarious beer pong chaos, there are some ground rules. Players cannot disrupt a ball being thrown or a player while they are throwing it. When players are going after a ball and beer spills, the cups and beer are replaced.

    Winners and Losers:
    Aiming at the opposing team’s cups, in no particular order, you eliminate the opposing players by hitting all of their cups. Once a player’s cups are gone, they can no longer shoot but can certainly help their team gather loose balls and distract opposing players. Your team can decide who they want to take out first depending on ball gathering skills, shooting ability and IQ. First team to hit all of their opposing team’s cups are Civil War champions...cue up the Gettysburg address!

    House Rules (when you need to mix it up a bit):
    It's your Pong A Long, so it's your rules! Decide what the rules are for players that are out. Can they fight opposing teammates, can they fight their own teammates? What happens if a player has two balls drained in the same cup?

    #2: Speed Quarters

    Total Players: 4-8

    Beer Pong table, 2 shot glasses, 2 quarters, 10-20 solo cups filled ¼ beer.

    Introduce When:
    Your party looks like a middle school dance. Two groups not really talking with each other.

    Drinking Ability:
    If you are pretty good at bouncing a quarter off a table and into a shot-glass, you can survive without drinking too heavily. On the flip-side, if you are coordinated like a 4th grade sissy, this game can be awesome or awful depending on if you like to drink beer.

    How to Play:
    Speed quarters is a game of fast action adrenaline. The goal is to not get skipped. As shown in the diagram, players stand around the beer pong table with the two shot glasses starting on opposite sides of the table (positions 2 and 6 above).

    The game begins and the two players with a shot glass in front of them have to bounce a quarter off the beer pong table and into the shot-glass. A couple practice swings never hurt prior to starting. Here is a guy with a little too much time on his hands demonstrating the proper beer drinking game quarters technique. A player cannot move the shotglass to the next person until they have sunk their quarter. Once you bounce the quarter in the shotglass, pass the glass to the person next to you moving clockwise. Intensity builds as one player has trouble and the second shot glass looms closer and closer.

    If a player sinks the quarter and the person clockwise is still trying to make their glass, they get skipped and have to stop shooting to drink a cup in the middle. The player must drink the cup before resuming play. The shot glass skips the player that is drinking and goes to the next person. If player 4 skips player 5, the shot glass is given to player 6. If player 5 drinks their beer and then bounces their quarter in the glass while player six is still trying, player six is skipped, must drink, and player 5’s shot-glass goes to player 7.

    Additional Rules:
    Once you have the basics down, implementing these rules are absolute MUSTS. As the shot glass makes its way around the table, if a player bounces the quarter and makes it in on their first try, they can place the glass in front of any player of their choosing.

    Pretend that player 6 is having some trouble. Player 5 makes the glass and passes to player 7. If player seven bounces the quarter into the shot glass on the first try, they can pass the shot glass back to player 5 and player 6 needs to drink again before shooting. This rule should be implemented after the framework has been set.

    Adding a third shot-glass to a group of 8 or more can add some real awesome scenarios and more people are in the action. Double skips occur, shot glasses appear in front of you constantly, and there is plenty of beer to be drank.

    Winners and Losers:
    There are dozens of winners and losers in this game but only temporarily. You might find yourself in a vicious skip battle and wonder how you got there, and you might find yourself on a roll making first shots left and right.

    House Rules (when you need to mix it up a bit):
    It's your Pong A Long, so it's your rules!  Add a couple splashes of Jack Daniels to one of the 10-20 cups in the middle for a nice mid-turn surprise for some unlucky soul. Mix the cups around so nobody knows which one is optimized with the hard stuff.

    #3: Baseball

    Total Players: 6-8

    Beer Pong Table, 1 beer pong ball, 8 solo cups filled ¼ with beer, home-run dancing shoes, drinking shoes.

    Introduce When:
    It’s baseball season, the sun is shining, and you are not driving home.

    Drinking Ability:
    Baseball can be a long game. Extra innings, home-runs, brawls...these are common practices of MLB, and now they can be common practices in your backyard. Put actual baseball cleats in the closet and put on your drinking shoes.

    How to Play:
    If you understand the game of baseball at its most elementary level, this one is pretty quick to pick up. 9 innings, three outs per inning, first cup=single, second cup=double, third cup=triple, fourth cup=home-run! The goal here is to get more runs than the other team.
    Drink: Batter up! The home team gets last ups so visiting team starts with the bat/ball. Players in this game bounce the ball into the opposing team's cups, standard beer pong shooting is not allowed. If player one makes it in the second cup, players on team 4,5, and 6 need to decide who drinks the cup sank and also the first base cup. Both cups are refilled before the next batter.

    You can play with as many players as you’d like. It works best with three+ and as long as you have four, each person can drink a cup on home-run shots.

    Home Run!
    If player 2 gets up and sinks the home-run cup, a total of four cups must get drunk and team 1,2, and 3 have scored two runs (there was a person on second from player 1’s hit). Again, all cups are refilled. If player 3 misses, that’s an out. Player 1 misses, and player 2 misses, that’s three outs, two runs scored, bottom of first and team 4,5, and 6 is up to bat.

    Winners and Losers:
    Of course, the team with the most runs at the end of nine innings is the winner assuming there are no injuries/pass outs.

    House Rules (when you need to mix it up a bit):
    It's your Pong A Long, so it's your rules! Clearly, your team is the home-team. Adding a stealing rule is always fun. Two cups are placed on the edge of your beer pong table at the center. When a player hits a single, double, or triple, they have the option to steal. The catcher (usually the biggest dude on the team) and the runner (whoever hit the cup) face off in a 1v1 flip cup game (see below for rules) with that one cup. Winner determines if the player safely stole the base or if they were thrown out.

    #4: Flip Cup

    Total Players: 2-20+

    Beer Pong Table, one solo cup per person, pitchers for fast fill-ups in between rounds

    Introduce When:
    REM’s “Everybody Hurts” is two seconds away from making the playlist and you need to kick-start the party. Get your weird cousin Teddy involved, grab the grandparents, this one is fun for the whole family!

    Drinking Ability:
    Each cup is filled to the flipper’s choice. Meatheads sometime go full cup flip cup while gentlemen choose to fill less and enjoy their PBR slowly. Either way, it doesn’t really matter how much each player fills their cups.

    How to Play:
    Two teams, 1-5 vs 6-10. The game starts with all glasses filled, let’s just say to ¼ cup each. Each player matches up with the person across the table from them. 1 vs 6, 2 vs 7 and so on. This is the calm before the storm...the eye of the hurricane...the dance floor before “Shout” plays. Player six and player one will start the game with a down-up-down motion with their cup. With cup in hand they touch the cup to the table, touch the cup to one another’s (opening ceremony) and touch the cup once again to the table before drinking the contents of their cup as fast as they can (down-up-down-drink).

    Once you finish your cup, you next objective is why they call the game flip cup. With the beer now in your stomach, place the empty cup on the edge of the table and give it a flip. As soon as you can flip your cup over so it lands on its rim, your turn is over. Expert flippers can hit consistently under 3 flips. Let’s pretend 6 flips and their cup lands on the rim smoothly, player 7 begins. Only one person is ever holding a cup at any given time. If player 8 begins before player seven successfully flips their cup over...shenanigans can be called. House rules determine what happens in the case of a shenanigan.

    The motion of flipping is different for each person. Sometimes, it might be necessary to call in a mercy flight for someone who cannot flip a cup 180 degrees if their life depended on it. In that case, the use of the other hand while flipping can come more and more into play.

    Winners and Losers:
    First team to have all of their players successfully finish their drinks and flip their cups wins. In the event of a tie, there is a sudden death rematch and each team gets to choose who on their own team flips.

    House Rules (when you need to mix it up a bit):
    It's your Pong A Long, so it's your rules! There are a lot of house rules to implement when the beer pong table belongs to you. One good one is to implement survivor flip-cup. This is when the teams start off, let’s say, 5v5. The winning team gets to vote someone off of the losing team making it 5v4 and someone on the losing team has to drink twice to compensate for the missing slot. It might get to 3v3 but there still must be 5 cups drank each round. The BAC at the end of survivor flip cup is usually pretty high for the chosen ones. Check out this blood alcohol calculator to help gauge just how active in these games you can be.

    Date Night!
    Partner flip cup is another game showing up on beer pong tables across the country. This is where each person is partnered up with someone on their own team. This works best in large groups where people are already a couple beers deep. If there are 12 people with six on each team, three people on each team are flippers and the other three are drinkers, but here is the catch: The drinkers cannot use their hands throughout the entire round. Their partner is behind them acting as their arms (through the armpits with the drinker’s hands behind their backs) and the flipper lifts the cup to the drinker’s mouth, and then flips. With lots of laughs, especially with same sex partners, this version of flip cup is a crowd favorite.

    #5. Pound

    Total Players: 4-8

    Beer Pong Table, 1 red solo cup, pitcher, dice.

    Introduce When:
    There are no women or children in the area as this game is not for the faint of stomach.

    Drinking Ability:
    10. If you do not like drinking beer, why would you step foot around the table during a game called pound.

    How to Play:
    Dice, cup, beer. These three ingredients are all you need for a fun filled night when playing this game. In this game, there is no strategy and there is no teamwork, but there is a lot of drinking. If you understand how to roll dice, you know that 7 is a common number. What to remember during the game of pound is 7, 11, or doubles. We’ll come back to that.
    Start your engines: The game starts with any player rolling the dice both literally and figuratively. If the roller lands a 7, 11, or doubles they get to pass out the cup. Now, here is where the game gets dangerous. The player who rolled the 7, 11, or doubles chooses how much beer to pour into the cup before handing it out. They can fill the cup ⅛ or fill it to the top. The roller hands the cup with their chosen amount of beer to the player at around the table of their choosing, let’s call them the drinker. So we have the roller and the drinker. The second the drinker touches the cup of beer, the roller begins rolling the dice. It’s 1v1: drinker vs roller. If the drinker can finish the cup before the roller can get a 7-11-or doubles, the drinker wins. If the roller rolls a 7, 11, or doubles before the drinker can finish, it’s round two for the drinker.

    As soon as the drinker touches the cup the roller can begin. This means even if you are moving it into drinking position, you better start chugging. On the flip side, if the roller touches the dice before the drinker touches the cup, the roller must drink the cup they themselves poured and relinquish the dice to the drinker. You definitely do not want to touch the dice before the drinker. If the roller rolls a dice off the table, you drink the remainder of the cup and relinquish the dice to the drinker. You definitely do not want to roll the dice off the table.

    Designated Driver:
    An important rule in this game does actually involve a bit of teamwork. If the drinker has lost a few too many in a row and is struggling to get down the cup while the roller has a hot hand rolling 7’s 11’s and doubles left and right, someone, anyone at the table can come to the rescue of the drinker by picking up the cup first. If the roller still rolls a 7, 11, or doubles before the saver, the roller continues to win: a save does not change that.

    Winners and Losers:
    Depending on who you ask, everyone wins...or everyone loses. the game is fast, furious, and usually ends with a bunch of dudes telling glory day stories. AKA the game is awesome.

    House Rules (when you need to mix it up a bit):
    It's your Pong A Long, so it's your rules! You can start with the dice which is a pretty big deal. The roller has a lot of power in this game. You can also decide what happens if and when the roller rolls the dice off the table. Some house rules make the roller finish an entire cup.

    Have fun!

    Give these games a try at your next fiesta. Although there are literally hundreds of games that can be played on beer pong tables, these are a great start to get the crowd going. Good luck and play responsibly!

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