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Best Kimbo Slice Street Fights - YouTube Friday Five

Kimbo Slice is a punching machine that streetfights since being released from jail. He is a bouncer that bareknuckle boxes opponents until they can't stand, then makes faces and growls. But more importantly, he is a badass beast. He could possibly be the scariest man on the planet besides that guy that played the T-1000 in Terminator 2.

5. Kimbo vs. The Bouncer
Kimbo's most recent fight to date. Kimbo pounds on the heavier "Bouncer" and eventually takes a part of his dreads with him.
(Warning Really Violent)
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4. Kimbo Take Out AfroPuff then BigMac
Kimbo takes out two guys in a row. "Big Mac" is one tough dude, but not tough enough for Kimbo Slice.
(Warning Really Violent)
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3. Kimbo Cracks a Skull
It really looks like Kimbo breaks this guys face socket. The noise that is created when the fist connects with the face on the final punch will give you nightmares.
(Warning Really Violent)
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2. Kimbo Bloodies Adryan
In street fighting, you give up by kneeling down or falling down. Someone should have informed Adrayn this, cuz he just keeps standing up until Kimbo makes him fall down. (Warning Really Violent and Bloody)
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1. Kimbo Lets Opponent Punch Him in the Face
This is the baddest fight ever to occur. Kimbo not only beats this guy to oblivian, but then continues to let his opponent punch him in the face repeatedly. Of course Kimbo Slice then pounds his opponent's face into what looks like a really scary Halloween mask.
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Kimbo Slice is a Bad, Bad Man, and is actually fighting a pro MMA fight on June 23rd. Our prediction, Kimbo will knock his opponent's head off, and eat his soul.

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