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    Let's think for a minute about what is the only thing missing from beer pong paraphernalia? Beer.  Sure, why should it matter? Beer is beer is beer and when it's in a red solo cup, well, by that time it all taste the same anyways. Seriously though, beer pong products grossed $20 million last year, so what would the next move be? Generate a light, easy to chug (but decent tasting), cheap beer and market it as the official beer of the game. Enter: Pong Beer.

    Now after doing some light research the general consensus sounds as if this beer could take over tables and frat houses across the country. The Pong Beer "Rack Pack" for $18.00 comes with 2 pong balls, and of course 30 beers.  When comparing this to the ever cheap and not so bad tasting Keystone Light at an average of $18.99 for a 30 rack, it's not such a bad deal.  However there are other infamously cheap beers out there that might be hard to contend with. PBR (AKA: Pabst Blue Ribbon) is a little "underground" if you will, but can be purchased for about $15.99 a 30 rack (if you're lucky and know the right spots- some bars even sell cans for a buck). So with that little tidbit, the price of $18.00 is really for the convenience of not having to walk 2 aisles over for a pack of ping pong balls.

    Also available for purchase is the "Reload" which contains 16 oz. plastic cups and 4 pong balls, however no price was given for this product.  Pong Beer is currently only available in 10 states: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, and Wisconsin.  Do not fear! Pong Beer will be coming to stores in nine other states "soon". These include Florida, Texas, California, and North Carolina- popular spring break destinations.

    Since beer pong is a classic game passed down through the years we seem it silly to introduce a "official" beer to the game when there are so many "unofficial" that taste just as good (if not better) and can be cheaper.  It also feels as if Pong Beer is a real life version of Duff Beer from the Simpsons (Flaming Moe anyone?), so really we can't see too many people playing this classic game with a cartoon-y and highly calculated new brew.

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