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New Beer Pong Game For Wii

Sticky floors and bacteria ridden cups not your thing? Well JVC Games Inc. is introducing "Frat Games - Beer Pong" for the Nintendo Wii in mid-July 2008. This game is the first game in a series of "Frat Party" related games from JVC Games Inc. The game will only be available via WiiWare and is not slated for release for any other gaming consoles.

Beer Pong Practice on the Wii

Two different versions of the game will be included: a tournament-style one to four player game and Speed Pong, designed for a quick game involving one or two players. JV Games Vice President Jag Jaeger said "We created a very accurate and realistic throw system. No buttons to time your throw with; just hold the Wii Remote like you would a normal ball and throw."

Garage Level Beer Pong

The game also gives player the ability to perfect different styles of beer pong shots, from the arc to the bounce and bonus points are given for perfect throws or "cherry shots." Multiple table surfaces will be available for different playing experiences.

Bar Level Beer Pong For The Wii

An in-depth video about the game (with super sweet music) can be found below:

More detailed photos of this upcoming beer pong game:

Garage Beer Pong on Wii 2Garage Beer Pong on Wii 4Bar Beer Pong On The Wii 2

Garage Beer Pong on Wii 3Speed Beer Pong on WiiGarage Level Beer Pong 2

JV Games, Inc. is an electronic entertainment company that develops computer, console, and handheld video games. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada; JV Games has been developing premier titles since 1989.

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