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Beer Pong Table Design Contest

Do you love beer pong?  Do you love design? Well if the answer is yes and yes, then you could be the proud designer of our next beer pong table design! We here at Pong A Long would like to have our loyal fans come up with designs for our next table (and pass out cold hard cash in the process). This could be your chance to cement your place in beer pong & design history.

The guidelines are simple:

1) The table must only include 3 colors

2) The design must fit onto the table surface

And the prizes are huge:

1) $500 cold hard cash

2) A table with your own design on it!

The table design photoshop file can be found here, so head on over to enter a design, then cross your fingers (on your non beer pong tossing hand) and hope that your design will be featured on the best beer pong tables across the country!

Our current selection of Beer Pong Tables

The Beer Pong Table Design Contest Page

The Beer Pong Table Photoshop File

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