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    Memes are taking over the internet. Who doesn't love hilarious pictures captioned with even more hilarious statements?! Well, we collected the most funny, ridiculous, and in some cases, true beer pong memes we could find. Happy Monday and enjoy.

    Watch out, Susie needs to get her practice throws in! We hope that grammatical error was on purpose... you know, for effect.

    Did you really think that House WOULDN'T be down for beer pong?!

    Let's be honest. Anything with Betty White is hilarious, but Betty and Beer Pong? Genius.

    Hipster Kitty does not conform to all of your "Beer Pong" ways.

    If this is what your frat house living room looks like, chances are you never made it to finals...

    Shout out to all you nerds out there, we give you an infamous Boromir meme.

    Typical bro. Nah d00d, You can't get in if you haven't chipped in. Holla.

    Don't cry, Dawson, It's not our fault Pacey sucks at Beer Pong.

    Hey guy, maybe pass the kid off to wifey while you partake in drinking games? CPS will be coming for you real quick. 

    You wish your Granny could hang too, admit it.

    Well there you have it folks, we hope these memes could brighten up your Monday afternoon. Hey! You're only 4 days closer to the weekend.

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    Ever wonder what kids really do when they're sent to school?

    Good news, we found that answer for you:

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    How many times have you heard of someone graduating college and never using their degree? Maybe you're one of them (sorry about those loans), but did you do something as awesome as start a World Pong Tour? We didn't think so. Well Sam Pines did just that after graduating from Marist College. Turning his weekly league into a business venture, he created the World Pong Tour. His ultimate goal is to make Beer Pong (or in this case just Pong; beer is not used) an official sport. Think along the lines of darts and pool.

    This tour reaches about 100 cities in the U.S. and Canada, the winning team from each city is automatically entered into the championship in Atlantic City, NJ.  If you can't make the qualifiers, do not fret your pretty little head you can buy your way in here.

    Prizes are cash, with first receiving $6,000 and remaining place holders receiving smaller cash amounts. Now there are regulation rules:

    1. There is no beer in the cups- it's water, therefore you don't have to drink the cup if it's made.

    2. You have to be 18 or older to sign up/qualify

    3.  You can not cross the line that will be placed 12 inches from the legs of the table. Table is 9ft in length.

    4. Each game is to be 6 minutes long, watched by a referee and you have 5 seconds to take a shot. If there is a tie at the end of the 6 minutes, the team to make the next cup wins.

    5. Remember your manners. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in you being booted.


    Now kudos to Sam for making his dream a reality but there is such thing as the National Beer Pong League. They even have a logo, see?

    That's it.

    The differences between the two? Well, The NBPL has uh, beer in the cups and plays with 8 foot tables not 9. Also, there is a time constraint of 30 seconds for each shot, but there is not a time constraint on the length of the game unlike Sam's rules. The NBPL holds a world series of beer pong in Vegas every January. The next one will be January 1-5, 2013, plenty of time for you to perfect your game. Rules are pretty standard; you can lean just as long as you don't place any body part on the table while taking your shot. If you see a ball is most definitely going to make it into one of your cups, just let it be, no blowing, fingering, or fanning is allowed.  For the full list of rules: check it out.

    Just like the World Pong Tour that Sam created, you can play in the qualifiers or simply buy your way in. If you're really that good, just play in a Satellite Tournament and you'll earn your spot with the best. If you don't make it then, uh here you go.

    The grand prize for this bad boy is $50,000 and additional payouts will total to $65,000. Of course you get the title of being the World Champion of Beer Pong - we're sure mom will be so proud. Hey, if you decide to truly test your skills, good luck!! Maybe take some tips from these guys:


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    In case your head has been in the sand over the last month. Jimmy Fallon decided to take on Anna Kournikova in a little game of beer pong. Jimmy succeeded in making the first shot, but ending up having a heartbreaking ending!

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    Asher Roth just released an awesome single "I love college" where he unleashes some sick beer pong lyrics:

    I am champion at beer pong,

    Allen Iverson ... Hakeem Olajuwon,

    don't even bounce ... not in my house,

    better hope you make it otherwise you goin naked...

    Check out the entire song on the official Asher Roth MySpace Page or buy on itunes!

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